LGR – Commodore VIC-20 Computer System Review

January 10, 2009 by 30 Comments

Is the Vic-20 worth purchasing? A review from the perspective of a cheap, casual collector of video games. A quick run-down of the history, pros and cons of the games and system and whether or not it’s worth your time.

Precursor to my Lazy Gamer reviews.


30 Replies to “LGR – Commodore VIC-20 Computer System Review”

  1. Joliie says:

    Both the atari and C= joysticks are horrible

  2. All Gaming says:

    3.5k of ram, 20×22 text screen and no actual space invaders game included. but price was right and text games were appealing.

  3. All Gaming says:

    6:30 "it's nothing but a bunch of print statements"
    actual quote from a sleepingelephant user

  4. All Gaming says:

    Mom: "Son, level with me, the computer costs $299! why don't you want a trs-80 or Ti-994/A?"
    Son: "Mom, it plays pac man, will help me with my homework and doesn't have a crappy keyboard"
    (mom goes to his father)
    Mom: "Talk some sense in to him!"
    (dad goes into other room, unveils a box bearing the name Vic 20)
    Mom: "I'm getting a divorce!"
    (she gets his vic 20, he dies heartbroken)

  5. ItsTechyBoy says:

    I have the Bronze badge Vic 20

  6. T L says:

    Holy LGR 2009! Super awesome! I had a C64 & a Vic-20, man I hated that tape drive! Thanks for not deleting the old stuff because its "not cool enough". It is "cool".

  7. Nuka Cola says:

    Did any one else see him type 69 as his answer? I love him

  8. AQWBlaZer91 says:

    Pretty neat system even the issue of loading carts into the damn thing.

  9. Just use audio tap for the first time this week!

  10. pr0wl3r666 says:

    As a kid I didn't even know about the VIC20. When I was 10 I had a C64, a friend also had one, another friend had a C16. Until 1992 I really enjoyed my C64, then I moved on to PCs. Around 1998 I acquired a huge computer lot; cases, motherboards, cpus, graphic cards, … which I used to build computers and sell them again. In the lot there was also a VC20 (yes the German one), at the time I had no use for it so it ended up in the attic.
    Last year I came across it again, took it down from the attic, bought an AV-cable, an aftermarket PSU (much safer!) and a LCD CCTV monitor (because it has about every connection you would possibly need!). I also ended up buying a game cartridge: River Rescue. I still had an old The Arcade joystick. Later I also bought a cartridge port expander; makes using cartridges easier.
    That V(I)C20 quickly stole my heart; although it's quite limited, it's still quite capable! If needed you can always expand it's memory with (a) cartridge(s). 🙂

  11. Did you know this computer was also a movie star? it appears twice in the film "John Wick – Chapter 2" from 2017

  12. Norm Mosley says:

    I never did own a VIC 20. Went from a C64 to a C128 then the mighty Amiga 1000 (it was just called the Amiga when it first came out). Ah, where have the years gone, seems like just yesterday…

  13. GCNElite says:

    A VIC-20 for £24?! I could only dream about those prices today.

  14. Time to re-re-re-re-re-rewatch LGR’s 11 Y/O video.

  15. All Gaming says:

    he sounds tired

  16. The fact the only thing that changed with LGR is the addition of jazzy jazz computer music is beautiful.

  17. Peter Hagan says:

    love the review this was my first computer

  18. Sinister cause presents throw back 101 on YouTube

  19. saved up my paper route money for one of these when i was a kid!

  20. Aaron Haugh says:

    Who’s watching this in 2020 and loves the retro YouTube production values

  21. Great review, I love your humour!

  22. Bloop McSoup says:

    Was looking for Vic-20….found retro-era LGR instead :).

  23. Ian Hay says:

    Me and my mate used to spend hours typing out the lines of Basic copying from the computer magazines of the time to get a game but once finished and we pressed Run up would pop the first of many syntax errors to keep us busy for more hours all to chase a green dot around the screen with our amazing proton red dot.

  24. My 1st Computer!!! 3.5KB!!! WOW LOL

  25. We had a VIC-20 controlling an Amateur television repeater (VK2RTS)did the job well.