LGR – IBM PC 5150 Vintage Computer System Review

January 15, 2010 by 21 Comments

Review from the perspective of a casual collector of video games: is the first “PC”, the IBM 5150, worth buying today? A run-down of the history, pros and cons of the system and games, what to look for and be aware of when buying, as well as some of the other 8-bit computers and revisions in the 5150 lineage. MS-DOS has never been so fine.

Alley Cat
Pharaoh’s Tomb
Wheel of Fortune
Ikari Warriors
Set the Hostages Free

Game footage recorded using CGA composite-out with a mic directed toward the PC speaker!

Lots more information and troubleshooting at:


21 Replies to “LGR – IBM PC 5150 Vintage Computer System Review”

  1. CastlePerson says:

    This video is almost exactly a decade old

  2. I wish all my power switches could be like that.

  3. CoTeCiOtm says:

    Being a lot into guitars, for me a 5150 is an amplifier made by Peavey, not a computer heh! While the Peavey 5150 isn't the forerunner the IBM 5150 is, it is one of the most used and respected amplifiers ever, and it was used in many important records by important guitarists. The IBM 5150 feels a bit like that, an important and respected computer, it looks demands respect! For people getting into the channel, this review explains exactly why the logo of the channel is a 5150/5151 combo.

  4. Elderin Moi says:

    80 Dollars for a 5150 the original Keyboard and Color Monitor. LOL. Make it 800 just ten years later.

  5. Artucuno _ says:

    So, so sexy 😉

  6. Eric Wood says:

    I would love it if PCem offered a facade for the various PC models it emulates. It would be great to have the look of the original monitor and of the original system unit sitting beneath it. At least I have the right keyboard for it! I'm using a big honkin' Unicomp that is a lot like the IBM Model M keyboard. Perfect for using on that emulated IBM AT. Then the only thing missing would be that kick-ass power switch 😀 and getting to use the physical disk drives, of course.

  7. ZzyxxwVvutts says:

    This computer had a 309 page Technical Reference manual, with details of every block inside the CPU box.
    16 bit 8088 processor, 20 address lines (1MiB of Max memory access). Whatever games you may play, inside it is just executing opcodes, just opcodes! Binary 1s and 0s.

  8. So cool, one of the pioneer models in computer.

    So IBM DOS 1.1 can run at 16KB of RAM? Cool.

    God bless, Revelation 21:4

  9. James Mackay says:

    I have one. Anyone want to buy it? ( seriously)

  10. Will Bailey says:

    Been watching you for years man. Just visited an old vid and reminded myself why. In another life we are close friends.

  11. 65283impala says:

    Being both an antique car and computer collector, I can confirm that you completely nailed it. I wanted a 5150 but had to do with a nice early 5160, just like I wish my 69 Satellite were the 426 Hemi Road Runner. They're still close enough and a lot of fun anyway!

  12. this is a really old video but i am very happy!! i found an ibm 5150!! and ia am restoring it. Nobody in my family understan wy but this is the first pc!!! it deserves to live forever!

  13. The previous IBM 5100 was almost a portable mini computer! Fully expanded in 1975 (e.g. 64Kb RAM), the cost today would equal at least $95.000 ! APL (!) or BASIC was used for programming.

  14. Yopachi says:

    2:18 I'm still using this Cooler Master case today! The motherboard and case are the only original parts of my build now in 2020

  15. Johannes says:

    I got the same one from 1983 with the Colour Monitor.Working with Printer and n very good shape!!
    if somebody is intrested.
    Problem: I`m from Germany

  16. Oliver Hale says:

    2:29 Expect to pay upwards of $80 for a complete system. Times change lol!

    I had to come and watch this video after it was referenced by VWestlife (10 years later.).

  17. Dale Wasson says:

    The computer in Five Nights at Candy's

  18. Myronaz says:

    $20?! Good luck finding it for that price today.