LGR – Compaq Contura Aero 4/33c MS-DOS Laptop Overview

May 7, 2010 by 24 Comments

Before the netbooks of today, there was a subcompact laptop computer that was rather impressive, the Contura Aero from Compaq. This is just an overview of the system and its features, showing how it runs and what it is (or is not) capable of.

Crystal Caves
Epic Pinball

Sorry there’s not more game footage, camera is acting up like mad and as such the frame rate was a bit choppy.


24 Replies to “LGR – Compaq Contura Aero 4/33c MS-DOS Laptop Overview”

  1. evilcowweee says:

    That intro was so cool

  2. oblitum says:


  3. blackneos940 says:

    "Nobody likes their things dangling out all over the place!" – LGR

  4. 2010?? Idk how young he was but I'd watch you review Crayola crayons from when you were 5 years old. #LGRLove

  5. And this HP mini was the first computer I bought for myself. What a piece of sh** ^^
    Could never run win7 properly and was barely usable with linux lite !
    Well at least I liked the keyboard.

  6. It’s awesome that watching enough LGR leads to recommendations from nine years ago. These comments are so old. Watch one from nower and see how his everything has changed. YouTube used to be so different. The ads were super current. Great job, YT

  7. Ik this is an old video, but still I have to say this: This was todays apple inspiration

  8. I still have mine from new, still works

  9. Casey Revoir says:

    00:04:23 I love this, it is others that seem to have a adverse reaction…

  10. somebody watching this in 2020 ? because it brings me nostalgic feelings

  11. Renhorable says:

    heh I was just looking for a Chandler notebook and came across this old LGR video and damn you have improved over the years incredibly

  12. YouTube just recommends me watch this old LGR video. Wow 😳

  13. "I like it. I don't give a crap if you do." best review ever.

  14. Jin Hyu says:

    I love how oddly specific the psp candy Tin and giant pair of keys are

  15. Adam Sonntag says:

    Thank God you had those giant keys or I’d have no idea how big that thing was

  16. Brandon B says:

    This is soooo cool! I'm so baked right now.

  17. Sammy Fox says:

    The original netbook, minus the net

  18. Wow… This sure brings me back to my childhood. Paid a kid in my class $20 for a Compaq Contura 430c. It was a little bigger with a 486dx4 100mhz and 8mb ram with a whopping 620mb hdd running windows 3.1 and DOS 6.0. It played Doom better than my desktop at the time. I know I'm a decade late to the party, but thanks for making this 🙂

  19. Star control 2 music no? At least you know the game… ^^ No review yet no?

  20. "My screen has horrible contrast"

    Says the guy filming with a potato lol

  21. I had one of those as a kid. Amazing for the day. I thank past you for making all these cool videos.

  22. This video looks like it was made in 80's era 🤗😘🙂

  23. Eu tive varios desta PORCARIA.

  24. Fue mi computadora durante toda mi universidad. 1995-2001. Un excelente equipo.