LGR – Xbox 360 Slim vs. 360 Original

July 15, 2010 by 27 Comments

A comparison of the redesigned 360S console to the older model 360 Pro/Arcade/Elite models. Is it worth the hit to the wallet for previous owners? Or is it only for newcomers?

I wasn’t planning on doing one of these, but after requests for such a thing I figured I may as well quickly put a video together. And here it is, I hope it answers your questions as to relative “worth” of the machine.

This does not replace the review this week, it’s a supplement of sorts. Retro goodness comes this weekend.


27 Replies to “LGR – Xbox 360 Slim vs. 360 Original”

  1. CandyIsHere says:

    i had both but the white one broke and had a red ring.

  2. I like the original Xbox 360 it's more reliable if well taken care of

  3. MafiousBJ says:

    How badly did Sony fuck up the launch of the PS3 to be beaten by such a messy console? That power brick alone and the noise made it look ancient even back then (same with no built-in WiFi on all launch models and the infamous Red Ring of Death)

  4. Can i have the Xbox black

  5. Bledoston says:

    2:42 "it kinda makes sense because I like it" LGR – 2010.

  6. Ptyty says:

    Haha how the video resolution improved in 2019

  7. BodziuM says:

    2019 ? This quality !

  8. Fringe fringe fringe

  9. Lol the xbox 360 original (except for elite) is shit. Dont use it. Use Xbox 360 S instead (or the E. Or Xbox 360 Original Elite).

  10. People say the slim doesn't get red ring well mine did and I tried booting it up it crashed and froze and now it doesn't even work and I had just cleaned it and made sure there was no dust anywhere at all I think my CPU failed because of thermal paste

  11. wolf hobo says:

    9 years…


  12. YoungMrBlue says:

    I think some people get red ring of death because the original Xbox 360 was designed to be stood up, the Xbox 360 S you can do either

  13. YoungMrBlue says:

    8:44 stop pressing the buttons repeatedly your going to screw up the console in some way

  14. SteelFlexInc says:

    Mid 2020 is a weird time to watch this after watching so many current LGR videos. Definitely things have changed a lot in the videos and in tech but why tf did I just buy my first 360 this late just to play forza Motorsport 4…

  15. gbrille says:

    "Welcome to an LGR console thing"

  16. yar dg says:

    Who is that!!!!!!

  17. i had Xbox 360 slim i didnt like it when came on to easy i sold it i bought Xbox 360 E 6 months ago its the best

  18. well I'm here ten years later!!!!!!

  19. Jecc_cx says:

    I have the slim version

  20. The o g original Microsoft Xbox is reliable if well taken care of

  21. MAXEL says:

    Random YouTube Recommendation strikes again

  22. God u have changed, ohh am soo old

  23. 익명 says:

    WHAT I didn't even know his face

  24. Dhruv1859I says:

    Well I’m here 10 years later

  25. Lucky Clover says:

    Looks like i'm pretty late to the party…….

  26. Jean Fall says:

    360S gang in 2020 wya

  27. Honestly, I don’t care. A 360 is a 360 to me.