LGR – Amiga 500 Computer System Review

October 11, 2010 by 48 Comments

The Amiga is the stuff of pure legend. The A500 in particular is often looked back on with fond memories and no regrets. But is it worth buying one to a games collector today? An overview of the history, pros and cons of the machine.

The Commodore Amiga 500 Computer System

Many thanks to Borin81 for the Amiga!



48 Replies to “LGR – Amiga 500 Computer System Review”

  1. lwvmobile says:

    I think what blows my mind more than anything else, when you look at the release dates of the Vic-20, Commodore 64, and machines up through the Amiga and also the competition, these machines were coming out literally every other year. Compounded by all the changing ownership and leadership moving all around, its amazing that such leaps and bounds were made in such a short time span. It almost feels like you could have barely gotten ahold of one machine before its successor came out.

  2. Mosstone says:

    "…well that's, that's a theological argument that I'm not going to get into."

    Haha! The Atari ST was false god in the light of the Almighty Amiga… A mere conjurer.

  3. I loved my old Amiga. I had Commodore's 20MB hard drive that plugged into the side. That was a great computer.

  4. spearPYN says:

    Amiga 500, 600 and 1200 were the best Amigas…and still are.

  5. r0nks says:

    My dad has a working Amiga 500. We had: mouse, joystick (left trigger broken and a jack joystick made of wood and foil) psu and a ton of games and software. Most of the games do not work due to read/write errors, memory errors or a faulty floppy. It is very cool.

  6. Alen says:

    Any chance of knowing from what game is the first track of the video?

  7. Still got my Amiga 500 and 1200 in my moms house somewhere.. along with all the games I had back then, which was hundreds and some cool demos. This video brought back some very fond memories. Thank you.

  8. I'm from England, grew up as a child with an Amiga 1200 and Commodore 64 at my disposal, Amiga's made a killing here back in the day. Got my cousin to buy me a 1200 with a Blizzard card upgrade for about £90 when I was roughly 13, I'm 28 now, I believe he still has it so I'll reimburse him £100 it cost which by today's standards is a steal. He has several more Commodores and Amiga's thanks to unhealthy obsession.

  9. filip Bilic says:

    good old LGR video quality

  10. 03:05 as a European this is REALLY funny to me xD

  11. KingALBoy says:

    Amiga 500+ owns

  12. Alan Forster says:

    Can you get hold of some Acorn computers (school computers with interesting ARM processors)

  13. Matt X says:

    This was a machine that was like 10 years ahead of it's time. Back in the mid 90's it was the most popular home computer in Poland. Probably 80% of people here heard about Amiga or used it.

  14. no name says:

    I want more Amiga on LGR <3

  15. Digital Crow says:

    Every Computer Games Cafe at that time had amiga only ! Also every tv station had amiga not to say that they even made commercials in amiga !

  16. lokz says:

    Time to update this video, since A500 + Gotek (FlashFloppy flashed) is gaming powerhose with easy game transfering option, eliminating need for aging phisical floppy disks.

  17. Tweak says:

    You can easily play PAL games on an NTSC Amiga. You use a startup disk that changes it over for the game you want to play. I did this in the 90s, not sure why no one seems to know about it.

  18. Mike Johnson says:

    You graphics specs are totally wrong

  19. Watching this in 2020. Is this the voice of Cliff? He sounds completely different!

  20. Kid Ice says:

    You don't need a European Amiga to play PAL games. There are a number of tools that will switch an Amiga from it's native mode to PAL or NTSC (Degrader and TUDE are the ones I used back in the day). You are going to want a 15khz capable monitor though, as most North American TV's of that vintage that will not sync to a PAL signal.

  21. Dean Ford says:

    My uncle gave me one in the mid 90's when I was still in single digits of age. My first 'puter.

    Edit: I moved to a Spanish speaking country in my early 20's too, got me some real amigas.

  22. mikusz 3 says:

    0:11 (insert dupstep hello song here)
    0:17 So guys, we did it. We've reached over a quarter of million subscribers…

  23. Dukefazon says:

    Dear god, the price of a standard Amiga 500 skyrocketed in the past 10 years… I had 2 back in 2008 and sold each with mouse, floppies and expension card for about 35-40 USD (exchanged in today's rate), now I can't buy a single tank mouse at that price.

  24. pajodato says:

    I would say it was easy to buy a stupid dumb PAL tv than getting all the adapter thinguies.

  25. pajodato says:

    I requires 3 minutes to write each disk! Friend. That was the required time for the system back then.

  26. I had a Amiga 500, 500+ and then finally a 1200 back in the day got me in to pc gaming!
    I remember as a kid having my Amiga and a mega drive (genesis) set up on same desk in my room as a kid lol.

  27. d'edsi says:

    Short lived? I remember most ppl having 500+'s. Or is an upgraded 500 and a 500+ not the same thing?

  28. Tetsujin says:

    I wanted one of these so bad back in the day… I wish I'd got one instead of going to the C128 and just running GEOS 128 and a bunch of C64 games for years. Mighta been better, mighta been worse, but I think it would have been a lot more interesting.

  29. I had the STFM. My friend had the A500. We constantly argued which was better. Looking back they were both brilliant for the time. Loved them. Playing Speedball by the Bitmap Brothers. Amazing!!!

  30. Marco Zolo says:

    The Amiga was far superior to PCs back in 1985 and I owned one in the 80s, and even towards the mid 90s, my PC owning friends and even console owning friends knew their system sound and graphics were still laughable besides a decade old stereo and 4096 colour powerhouse that was the Amiga experience. Despite that many classmates owned PCs with only a dozen or so friends owning an Amiga. But funnily enough we definitely felt like the PC Master Race before the term was even coined, and for many many years forming our own exclusive club for game swaps etc

  31. Bluez Note says:

    I realized now that the "Gods"game came from Amiga computer, that later I played sometime in 1999 in a Pentium I

  32. You should repeat all these old reviews

  33. Back in the day, when my Atari 800xl and Commodore 64 were at the end of their life-span, I really wanted an Amiga or Atari ST.

  34. jan279 says:

    Muse sent me here.

  35. The Spark says:

    2020, this video reminded me of how old I really am, my early teens were spent with mainly the 600 version as my 500 broke. Was pretty much the same though, the amount of time I spent on that beauty was worth it. All of my spare time job money went to various upgrades and you could get a ton here in Europe, almost everyone I knew had a 500.

  36. Alpzepta says:

    $50-80 my fucking ass! I live in the US which Amiga is rare here! More like $300 + $100 shipping from Europe.

  37. "I don't know why the Amiga wasn't popular in America"

    It was partially because Jack Tramiel managed to alienate his own supply chain in the time he was there, and partially because Commodure US has NO CLUE what they were doing.

    It was a joke back in the day that if Commodore's marketing was in charge of KFC they'd market it as "warm dead bird"

  38. my dads friend had an amiga 500 he played lots of games with friends

  39. Jani Alander says:

    I got usb-drive for my A-500. Replaces internal drive and accepts FAT32 formatted usb-sticks. There is chooser software on the stick, and you can put Amiga disk image files on stick.

  40. GP33 says:

    Love the "no mature content stickers

  41. Scott Tait says:

    Amiga codename was Lorraine

  42. BiscuitHead says:

    Can you review the 6000 SUX next?

  43. ichi _ says:

    was this also filmed in 1985?

  44. Ian Hay says:

    My favourite computer of that era

  45. Diederick says:

    But why is the NTSC/PAL thing so problematic? My European PAL MSX just runs the same games a little slower than my Japanese NTSC MSX.