LGR – 3DFX Voodoo2 PC Card in a Macintosh 6400/180

January 26, 2011 by 42 Comments

So the Voodoo is an amazing card for older PCs, but what about the Mac? Is it even possible to run a PCI 3D graphics card made for Windows under Mac OS? This is just a quick overview and a test of a 3Dfx Voodoo2 PC card being installed in a Mac Performa 6400 computer, using special Glide extensions. Quake is used for benchmark purposes, because it’s awesome.

Yes, there were Macintosh versions of the Voodoo cards made, but those are somewhat hard to come by. But this is the testing of a card without the Mac BIOS, originally made for PCs!


42 Replies to “LGR – 3DFX Voodoo2 PC Card in a Macintosh 6400/180”

  1. RET says:

    I hear the Unreal Tournament soundtrack in the background!

  2. imachynn says:

    Drum'n'bass in the background, I find fitting for the timeperiod of the technology this video depicts.

  3. Eric Deng says:

    I have one 3dfx Voodoo2 12 MB PCI Video Graphics Card https://www.ebay.com/itm/323272054280

  4. Zsolt Petrik says:

    Nice Amiga 500 in the background 🙂

  5. We used to have a Powermac 6400 once. My father brought it over from Germany, and since we had some 220 V outlets, it and the monitor worked. Costa Rica is 110 V/60 Hz, however we had our old and current house wired to support a few 220 V outlets, we just couldn't use the in Germany standard type F or "Schüko" plugs (because no hardware store in the country has them), so to use German plugs, we need adapters so they fit the standard type B plugs, the same ones used in the US.

  6. Bre C says:

    "So… in theory… COME ON. FOCUS. …. Yeah." Sounds like my life <3

  7. Thomas Kings says:

    [useless comment]
    So you can really game on a mac after all!
    [/useless comment]

  8. trickeyD says:

    Love the jungle in the BG!

  9. Diy Guy says:

    Mac System 7.6.1 —- the last System for 68000 series chips before Apple switched to the PowerPC chip. Also my last Mac System as I realized that if I was going to have to buy all new hardware and software then I might as well go ahead and switch to Windows (and be compatible with work).

  10. Mr White says:

    Macintosh 6400/180 from 1996 to 2011 when the video was made = 15 years
    2011 when the video was made to today 2019 = 8 years

    Over 50% of the time "Mac 6400 to 2011" is already gone again 🙁

  11. Chris P says:

    Was going through my old computer parts today and found one of these VooDoo 2 cards. Should I keep it or send it to the recyclers?

  12. well, no
    3dfx and nVidia does NOT use same name
    they happened to use same three letters, but names are fundamentally different and means something fundamentally different too
    3dfx SLI stands for Scan-Line Interleave
    nVidia SLI stands for Scalable Link Interface
    technology is fundamentally different too
    3dfx SLI is very simple and simply each GPU renders specific lines
    for nVidia it is either whole frames or top/bottom halves of frames
    load on 3dfx SLI is very even, while nVidia may very well lag very often due to uneven load on GPUs

  13. nope,
    3dfx bought STB Technologies around VooDoo3 and after VooDoo Banshe (which in turn was after VooDoo2)

  14. Yes, whole range of VooDoo had Mac edition, but Banshe – I never even heard about Mac version of Banshe

  15. Alarak says:

    Excellent vid!

  16. wessd says:

    That Mac was AMAZINGLY powerful in it's time. That is a powerpc chip with a good amount ram and the speed compared to a pentium was astounding. And EXPENSIVE.

  17. twood1130 says:

    I ran sim city 2000 on a 25mhz 68030 based mac for years, and it actually plays fine.

  18. Bryan Cozort says:

    I knew a dude running slightly voodoo 2 off a 486.

  19. Taba says:

    omg Unreal Tournament music

  20. 박수민 says:

    A5 beginning i taught did i click druaga1's video? LoL

  21. Chris Heisey says:

    I realize this video is 8 years old BUT, old apple OSes basically made the OS compatible with PowerPC by emulation the 68k code really limiting the potential of the POWER ISA. The PowerPC and pretty much all other RISC CPUs where superior to Intel and other CISC chips at the time (again, for the most part) even when running at lower clock speeds. On the Mac side we didn't really see the true benefit of PowerPC till OS 9.1 and even more so till OS X 10.4. POWER ISA is still in use today for high performance computing and other big iron solutions.

  22. John Connor says:

    Do a Voodoo 5 pls

  23. Matthew Hill says:

    Watching this on a Mac. Connected to a 4k monitor. 🙂

  24. Blair Lohnes says:

    My P75 with a 1mb trident ran it better in software.

  25. Jhelzei says:

    I had a Voodoo card in a Mac clone, the Motorola Starmax 5500 (200Mhz 604e). The onboard video was a Rage II+, which could technically do 3D, but it couldn't hold a candle to the Voodoo. A nice thing about the clone was that it had an SVGA output, making the passthrough cable a snap to install. I didn't have Quake, but it ran Unreal like a champ.

  26. LGR, do you still have these files? I have a mac in my garage that I would love to try throwing a Voodoo2, Voodoo5, or Banshee in and seeing if I can get it to work.

  27. Michael Kuhn says:

    Just picked up a voodoo Rush jazz multimedia combination with 6mb can't wait to try

  28. Sam Mortimer says:

    TL;DR for anyone else who was searching for an example – YES, your Macintosh Video to SVGA adapter will work fine with the janky Voodoo 2 loopback setup.

  29. I'm currently running a Voodoo 2 in a Power Mac 6500/250 with the 3dfx acceleration software running on Mac OS 9.1 and it does really, really well. My card has been flashed with a Mac/CHRP firmware, and runs natively. My card was originally purchased for a PC, and ran on an AMD 6×86 system.

  30. Never liked Quake on the Voodoo cards. GLQuake ran so much better on other cards.

  31. Thomas Kings says:

    3 fps in software mode
    Clint: "you know its not unplayable"
    Dude thats totally unplayable… xD

  32. Caddy666 says:

    wow, didn't know you owned an a500

  33. Shawn C says:

    I was in elementary school and jammed a piece of cheese in the floppy drive of one of these for fun…..man, the principal was pissed. XD

  34. This Mac suffers from a PPC 603e the chip has a 32bit FPU (not relevant for gaming) and a tiny cache (iirc 16kB) on a slow memory bus. If you have one give the software renderer a try on a single CPU PPC 604e or even ev system from the era. I vaguely remember a 120MHz 604e beating a 200MHz 603e in integer only benchmarks and blowing it away in code making have use of 64 bit floating point math.

  35. Jonathan R. says:

    What is up with Mac and always trying to be different. Different display ports. Different resolutions. Different refresh rates. This is why there are standards. Stop trying to make Fetch happen. It isn’t going to happen.

  36. Wow, the nostalgia!!! I remember ordering my Microconversions Voodoo II card for my Beige G3 “Gossamer” Powermac G3 in December 1998. Later on when the Q3Test betas were out there was 3dfx support on the Mac… the graphics looked SPECTACULAR to non-3dfx OpenGL and software rendering. I miss 3dfx card support in Mac OS!

  37. Just like us audio techies….it never hurts having multiple adapters and length offside similar cables.

  38. Trent Reznor hijacked you Mac!!! 🤣🤘🏻😎😈

  39. "This Macintosh doesn't do much…"

    Mac runs 8.6


  40. mightwilder says:

    resolution is 320×240

  41. Dukefazon says:

    At the beginning of the video I noticed the Amiga 500 in the background before noticing the main attraction here 🙂