12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath AT NIGHT!- Smarter Every Day 2

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We investigated Dragons Breath ammunition with several different types of photography. High speed video, open shutter photography, muzzle cam, HD video, etc. Dragon’s breath ammunition uses Particulated Zirconium as the burning source. Note the science lesson at the end of the video.

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48 Replies to “12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath AT NIGHT!- Smarter Every Day 2”

  1. John Miller says:

    What was going on to the right of the screen at 2:20 ? Looks like you got Predator standing there.

  2. Jay Jay says:

    Should show this to all the MW streamers who complain about shotgun rage and says its too overpowered when in fact it's supposed to be that

  3. That spray when you Enter My Property, Is not Water, That is Gasoline, Wait for It…

  4. You can shoot your goose and cook it all in one easy step! I know this because I'm basically lazy.

  5. Tigger Tic says:

    Happy Canada day wasn’t rocket sim once right who fire works

  6. slam fired belt fed gun would prolly be the goat

  7. David Scott says:

    How have I not seen this until now?! I have been subscribed to smarter every day for about 5 years I think, and this is the first time I've ever seen this! And now I also understand how the hydrogen was created in the Fukushima accident. Nobody could ever explain that to me when I asked. I guess that I should go back through a lot of his older videos and get smarter every day!

  8. Do these hurt if you get shot with them 🙂

  9. Anthony says:

    The legal way of doing this is holding a fireworks mortar in your hand

  10. sin says:

    I shoot these out of my orion 12 gauge flare gun

  11. FuZzY Abe says:

    Holy FFFFF DRAGON's breath!!!!!!!!!

  12. Maksim K. says:

    Channel name: SmarterEveryDay

    Thumbnail: actually stupid

  13. Zamashoe says:

    don't worry fellas this is just your average american

  14. Shu Liu says:

    Defective fireworks:

  15. That moment when you realize Destin's start was around when the Fukushima incident was… And how that was like 9 years ago

  16. Lavictoire says:

    This might be good against a charging sasquatch. It would turn him into a roaring bonfire while you make your escape.

  17. Mombomombler says:

    Took 3 of these shots to the head one time…

  18. God bless America.

  19. Gotta love it just dudes having a good time with guns 👍

  20. What kind of sorcery is this?

  21. BlackSheep says:

    Really good photography! 👍 great video.

  22. They need them in Portland and Chicago

  23. Wow, appearently you weren't that smart 9 years ago.
    Shooting that in a forest was just dumb.
    Sorry for saying that.

  24. I read that the rounds are safe to fire out of an improved cylinder bore, that is the only info I have found, please share comments and opinions about that statement, improved?? in what way??

  25. Johnny says:

    Are they just for show or do they have a practical purpose?

  26. 35THIRTYFIVE says:

    Take it to Portland

  27. no one from COD yet??

  28. AleK says:

    >smarter every day
    >shooting dragons breath in the middle of the woods

  29. I’m super curious how many subs Destin had when he published this video.

  30. Thandiman79 says:

    When the dragons ceased to exist, we became them.

  31. My man predicted modern warfare

  32. The police should use these on the rioters and looters.

  33. The mythbusters intro gets me every time ❤

  34. ALOY ARVO says:

    9 years ago.. what an adventure it is..

  35. rustyshack says:

    Good luck with your youtube career. This is really cool ammo I'll share the video

  36. Dino Spumoni says:

    What is that period table application?

  37. im pretty sure this is illegal now

  38. Its crazy to see how far your channel has come

  39. Thatd work great for home defense

  40. Tribe Zara says:

    This would be pretty nice for duck hunts.

  41. Brian Conroy says:

    It's just phosphorus with the smallest amount of smokeless powder to get it out of the barrel nothing special I shoot thos every forth of July! Not phosphorus just got smarter!

  42. omgomgomgd says:

    It's so weird listening to Destin before he developed his "Youtuber Voice"

  43. Gabe says:

    Wonder what cleaning the barrel looks like after these

  44. I feel that this should be used before tasers in every case

  45. DDAK 6 says:

    Warzone where you at

  46. Andy B says:

    His 12 gauge has the Flame I enchantment