DIY Macro Lens on the Cheap! – Smarter Every Day 3

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Macro photography lenses are usually quite expensive. This is a quick and dirty way to get a macro photograph no matter where you are. Most people look OUT the airplane window. I show you a neat method to look AT it.

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As promised, here is a link to the Macro Adapter.-

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35 Replies to “DIY Macro Lens on the Cheap! – Smarter Every Day 3”

  1. in2horses247 says:

    @CrunchyBrush Not all DSLR's are high end, and some of the macro lenses cost more than the lower-end DSLR's. For example my camera body cost about $420 but if I wanted a macro lens it would be $500 XDD

  2. iHelloway says:

    Thumbs up if u did same thing after watching this video

  3. @drasco61084 A DIY lens tutorial would imply its used on an SLR, so the title does say you need "one of those kind of cameras".

  4. Jimmy Qu says:

    I always subscribe some cool videos, especially when they didn't put "Subscribe me" in the video coz it makes me feel sick.

  5. naleni phagu says:

    Awesome!! I will try this!! Thanks!

  6. nazaretd says:

    If I knew you! you´d be my buddy! thanks for the tip!

  7. Subscribe and continue to check in on me buddy.

  8. Will Hamer says:

    How about we don't listen to you and we continue to take sick pics of ice so we don't get bored on a 9 hour flight.

  9. You do realise people change lenses right… as in they take it off and put another on..

  10. yoyoweb yal says:

    1:14 French ! french i hear french :p

  11. البراء says:

    I think its nice too! you look respectable. Jesus had a beard too!

  12. Dave Evans says:

    This works unless you have a lens that automatically closes the aperture blades when you take the lens off… But there are ways around these minor problems

  13. ThePopo787 says:

    You look awesome in your beard!

  14. HenChan says:

    Hi i tried with my canon 60d 18-135, it didn' work….become blur, can you tell me why ?

  15. Bpendragon says:

    I learned about this trick from a friend, sadly my SLR refuses to take pictures without a lens cap fully in place. Though that may have to do with it being Film instead of digital.

  16. you have a point with the cool photos, but, the dust issue is also not quite true, yes dust can be a pain if it is on the inner lens for the lamen terms but if using the correct cleaning gear, it wont be an issue

    So lets say it does cause scratches, they are so small that you would need impressive gear to see these once the photo is taken, if they are even there at all.

    Taking the lens off on most fancy cameras (looked like a Cannon 400D) is quite simple, and need to be done to change the lens

  17. Willdrick says:

    Im having a hard time getting this right on my T3i, even with 3600 ISO i still get black pictures, any other tips?

  18. This only works on Canon because the lens opens up to maximum aperture when released. Other brands close down to the smallest aperture when you take the lens off, so it's really hard, if not impossible, to do this trick.

  19. Do they have adapters like the one linked in the description for Nikons as well?

  20. Wow! Thanks!  My wife is a Fine Art Photographer, I'm going to try her big lens out tomorrow.

  21. slamdvw says:

    Looking "backwards" through a pair of binoculars with a zoom lens works great too.  Thanks for sharing!

  22. Toimi says:

    Am i allowed to use those those pictures for my work as stock images? Because i have some ideas and that might be just what i need..

  23. jhonnie tihs says:

    That looks like molecules

  24. Wow, never thought of that, gonna give that a go!

  25. French coloured ice bubbles suit french speech! ))

  26. Exile Craft says:

    liking the face fur

  27. Minh Dinh says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing.

  28. GN Designs says:

    This is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!

  29. I'm gon do it, I'm gonna watch eeeeevery smarter every day, hahahahahhahaaha