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Go visit the Museum! If you can’t visit, at least donate. They’re a non profit. They make people SMARTER EVERY DAY.

You already knew why there was a carousel, but did you know the best spot to put the food?

If you’re a geek, nerd, or dork you need to visit the national electronics museum. You’ll learn something whether you want to or not!

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30 Replies to “Best Spot in the Microwave? – Smarter Every Day 6”

  1. I got my dad a chicken…

  2. Nico Ayala says:

    Botato1 year ago
    I've never owned a microwave.
    Reply 2
    Beyza Krbn
    Beyza Krbn11 months ago
    Best thing to do bc it's bad
    iSpeakTruth2 weeks ago
    +Beyza Krbn why is it baf
    iSpeakTruth2 weeks ago
    +Beyza Krbn why is it baf
    iSpeakTruth2 weeks ago
    +Beyza Krbn why is it baf

  3. Tony says:

    I've been putting my cup in the middle for years… today that changes!

  4. David Y says:

    since little i have always put food on the side so it can travel more distance while rotating. i just thought that so it can have more even distribution of heat on my food.

  5. I figured this out through testing it, on my own microwave at home a couple years ago. Now, I am still the only one in my family who has this figured out

  6. J K says:

    Wow thank you for this. I've been putting my food in the center all this time.

  7. I see everyone says they put their food on the sides of the carousel, that's not the best way. All you have to do is: put the plate in the middle, but make a hole in the middle of the food. In other words, make a doughnut shape with the food.

  8. Sana Qureshi says:

    I figured this out after being mad at my microwave- I placed a tray with shredded cheese spread out- and place it in. The areas that melt are the warmest :3

  9. I think what he meant is that food will cook unevenly – the water in a coffee mug will disperse heat evenly- What could be said is that w/o the carosel there is a sweet spot where the mug of water woud heat up the fastest

  10. Kevin Hi says:

    I don't have a carousel, it just sits in place

  11. Dustin, i'm seeing all, since day 1..
    Stop with this please, i need to work!!!

  12. madclown351 says:

    Did not know that, I always thought the middle was the sweet spot! Cool thanks,

  13. I wish there was more bulbs so you could get a higher resolution image, and spin that disk at a higher rate so it would look holographic. Someone needs to do this!

  14. Dakota Lally says:

    Hypothesis prior to watching, and I hope this proves true and more people are aware of: the "power-band" is on the outer edge of the glass plate, with a very distinct dead zone between that and the very middle which is actually remarkably unreliable despite common sense suggesting the middle of the oven would get the most energy.
    After watching: So you had the same conclusion, but the lights weren't really arranged in a way to show that. I'm thinking a sheet or block of chocolate heated for 20 seconds, sliced afterwards if using a block. This should show clearly where the most energy is passing through. Even better if you can stop the carousel from rotating.
    At some point i'll might get around to testing this, chocolate is expensive though. If I could afford to waste $40 on chocolate, I could afford to buy a better microwave that doesn't pass energy so uneven.

  15. Moonspell67 says:

    Mike looks similar to Alex Lifeson (Rush)

  16. Almarma says:

    I didn’t understood the why it happens but I did my own test: Slice of bread with cheese on top.

    Placed at the center: the center gets very hot and the cheese starts melting in the center sooner than on the edges. Also the bread gets extremely hot in the center and just warm on the edges.

    Placed off the center:
    The cheese and the bread get warm in a much even way and it’s a great recommendation. The cheese melts more on the corners as it’s expected.

    Still I’ve no clue about the guy explanation. My own theory is that the spot of the food sitting at the center never really moves (it spins, but keeps its position all the time). That makes it catch more of the waves in that area. But if it’s off center, the waves bounce more and hit different spots as the food rotates so they spread the energy and so the heat more evenly

  17. The Smarter every day outro music though!

  18. Joe Meyer says:

    I’ve visited the museum, very cool, wave guide city!

  19. Kate gee says:

    What about microwaves that don't spin?

  20. What is Smarts? Is it intelligence? Is it knowledge? Is it genetic? Can it be learned? Or is it some fantastic combination of all of these?

  21. Douggie F says:

    Dork is different to nerd and Geek, that is, not necessarily "tecky". At least in Australia.

  22. Started tonight working my way through the series

  23. I knew this after microwaving pizza rolls, the outer ones get hot first

  24. G'day,
    Have you seen how to melt glass in a Microwave?

  25. Smarter every day 6, done

  26. Cyanogenmod says:

    Well 9 years late is still useful I suppose

  27. Mary Lagua says:

    Are you in Baltimore? I’m not far from that area.

  28. Mary Lagua says:

    Come visit us if you are in town

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