DIY High Speed Video Camera – Muybridge Style – Smarter Every Day 5!/SmarterYoutube

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Quantum Composer Pulse Generator 9520 Information can be found here:

Camera used: Canon T1i
Flash Used: 580 EXII set to 1/128th power setting.
Delay between shots was 50 microseconds.

Using 140 year old techniques you can simulate a high speed camera with a little diligence and elbow grease.


Setup in more detail here:

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Kamera: Canon T1i
Blitzlicht: 580 EXII auf 1/128 Stromstärke eingestellt.
Die Frequenz der Bildaufnahme war 20000 Bilder pro Sekunde.

Man kann, mit ein wenig Fleiß und Schweiß, eine 140 Jahre alte Methode benutzen, um eine Hochgeschwindigkeitskamera zu Simulieren.

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49 Replies to “DIY High Speed Video Camera – Muybridge Style – Smarter Every Day 5”

  1. LukeDude759 says:

    Before: "Guns are not toys."

    After: "We played with guns…"

  2. marek8ball says:

    cool high speed movie

  3. 23 People Accidentally Shot themselves trying this.

  4. Aaand thats the reason why im learning english.. In germany we dont have people like destin who do scientific things with guns because of the 'German Weapons Act'.

  5. mjr350 says:

    quick question. With out going into the price of the DSLR camera (already have) what sort of cost is associated with all the gear that you have for that setup in comparison to a high speed camera that can capture the same frame rate.

  6. Using simpler technology to get an effect we can't do yet. Similar to the now ubiquitous "Bullet Time" effect first done in The Matrix. Used a timed series of still cameras(a ton of them!) positioned around the scene to create the effect of a video camera spinning around Neo. Funny how it was ground breaking at the time and now it's in almost every single action movie.

  7. He said guns weren't toys but yet he still says that he's 'played' with guns

  8. Drew Thomas says:

    00:10 Graphing Calculator For The Win!!

  9. Keith Young says:

    You just disproved conservation of mass. Only 1 projectile traveled out but your clear magazine clearly fired multiple rounds. Derp. Cool video!

  10. THUNDERBOLT says:

    does DIY mean Do It Yourself ?

  11. Oppa Muybridge Style

  12. Padono Ape says:

    why you are moving so much

  13. Spathius says:

    Buying a steel plate cuirass that can stand 9mm is easier than this.

  14. pietzeekoe says:

    Because guns are awesome!!

  15. sinisternm says:

    you fired a gun while downrange of it 7 times?…..tisk tisk tisk tisk tisk tisk tisk…….

  16. Is the main idea behind 'femto photography'?

  17. J. Hile says:


  18. Redchew10 says:

    I'm from Montana wooooooo

  19. rocketsocks says:

    It's not slow motion, look at the magazine. It's a set of photos that are each a slightly different delay. In each shot the bullet is a different bullet.

  20. By far the best channel on Youtube. Very cool stuff!

  21. DrProctorr says:

    You look like Wash from Fire Fly…

  22. send me an AK-12 and I'll do it.

  23. You guys are super cool.

  24. Glass Hammer says:

    *Economically out of your reach.

  25. Jonny G says:

    2:55 he's dancing behind a bullet.

  26. You don't -have- to be an engineer to find this stuff outstanding. This language professor right here [thumbs] is a big fan.

  27. mrkazman says:

    In most of your videos, you are pretty easy on the eye 😉
    But apparently in slow-mo, your inner blorg monster is revealed!

    DISCLAIMER: Not actually slow-mo. But still potentially blorg monster

  28. Wayne Evans says:

    some how i felt like miss something here

  29. Ph1llydilly says:

    love the channel man, keep it going.

  30. Kevin Myers says:

    @J. Hile   It is'nt slow motion, he is taking a picture then taking another picture after adjusting the delay by a fraction, he probably shot matches 100+ times to make the slow motion effect by playing out all the pictures like a flipbook sketch.

  31. mozkito life says:

    Destin, are you superhuman? It looks as though you're actually tracking the bullet travelling through the matches with your eyes :S

  32. Erlsept27 L. says:

    This is awesome, this is something new.

  33. johnnyboi828 says:

    How did he sync the camera shot to the flash?? Seems like a technological feat in itself… surprised he didn't go over that part.

  34. John Doe says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand this video?

  35. i like how your eye is looking behind the destruction of the bullet through the matches …..actually seems like the eye is not as far behind as I would think ….then again i cant say what you were looking at …hahaha

  36. K3V0M says:

    My father did that many years ago but he put a lametta strip in front of his air gun which he connected to a relay. When the power got cut off the camera flash got triggered. It took some trial and error to find the right delay plus, this was done with analog film so my father and his friend had to wait like a week to see the results. They shot different kinds of fruits, balloons and other stuff. We have the photos in a cabinet. My favorite one is the balloon photo which shows how the balloon is tearing but the moisture stays in the balloon shape.

  37. Cushshon says:

    The intro reminded me of a show called "MYTHBUSTERS" lol!!!

  38. Wow Destin, cool to see the beginings of your channel! You've come a long way in video editing but the passion was already there.

  39. Mykel Duso says:

    "Weapons are not toys"; I absolutely agree, and too many people treat them as such. They can be amazing and awesome tools, but they are far from being toys. Hopefully more people can use them for the proper purposes they are designed for, as opposed to what so many people use them for instead.

  40. Why does the video of the bullet at the beginning show you moving back and forth faster than the bullet is traveling?

  41. Marius Frost says:

    I'd like to make a suggestion about terminology. The dictionary defines a weapon as "something used to injure, defeat or destroy." I am a gun owner, but have never (and will never) used a gun to harm anything living, or damage property. I think they are not weapons by default, but only when they are used as such. Therefore, I think they should be called firearms or guns, unless they are actually being used as a weapon. Calling them weapons by default can send the wrong message.

  42. Smarter every day 5, done

  43. Faraz Sayed says:

    This was a cool video, have you thought about redoing this for your newer audience?

  44. Mathias says:

    I wondering one thing!
    I have look everywhere for that laser thing you put in the gun to see where it point, please, WHAT in the world do it call?!
    Do you have a link for it, cus I really want to have one!
    Thanks for do this, really fun and I gonna look throw all your vids and learn some really awesome things!
    I hope you can help me!
    A new fan from Sweden!