Space Mountain Fears – Smarter Every Day 12!/SmarterYoutube

We were the last ones to ride Space Mountain at Disney World. (Approximately 3AM). We met some of the coolest cast members in the world and decided to try to get smarter.

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38 Replies to “Space Mountain Fears – Smarter Every Day 12”

  1. NjBorn says:

    You guys live in Central Florida? because thats what it looks like

  2. its called alligator arms!

  3. Doubletap88 says:

    I've ridden Space Mountain with the lights on inside the ride before. It's scary as hell fir a tall guy.

  4. iGOBURR says:

    What park is that? I'm going to Disney World on friday.

  5. That seemed like a really really short ride?

  6. How did you get in at 3am?

  7. Sulicify says:

    Its hard to film with tiny arms, think about it.Also, space mountain is really dark…

  8. Sulicify says:

    …flirting with a person you barely know.

  9. riodelrey says:

    That's how you meet new girls! 😉

  10. Josh Cook says:

    I actually work at space mountain 🙂 wish I got to meet ya

  11. MCLegoboy says:

    "Yeah, I work at Disney. I've been smiling all day, it's midnight, and I want to go home; GET OUT MY WAY!"

  12. Pyke says:

    I rode it this year it was my first time at disney it was fun I saw inside the tunnel and put my arms up not thinking then touched the roof and I was like NOPE not happening

  13. Jeb Watson says:

    Did everyone but me know about "hidden mickies?"

  14. Its a disney park thing. Many of the Imagineers and artists like to put little mickeys incorporated into artwork/rides partly to make it their own but also to make a little fun for those looking for them 🙂 There's a book for Hidden mickeys that you can get that gives you clues to where a lot of them are.

  15. Maxid1 says:

    My brother works for Disney World in ARD (arms removal department). He doesn't work every day so you might still want to be careful…

  16. I actually know the last female cast member, Chelsea, that was shown. She and I went to the same high school. Hi, Chelsea! 😀 It's me, Blake (if you remember me ^^;;).

  17. Eric White says:

    *clears throat* Alpha and omega are NOT the same. They are polar opposites.

  18. Love space mountain

  19. Kyle Bonene says:

    I went to this place and the ride broke when I was 3rd in line.

  20. we call those arms: disabled humans arms … and this is not funny at all. except in america maybe.

  21. Imagine sitting behind some jackass doing that

  22. That's all it is?  A rollercoaster in the dark?  I was thinking Special FX.

  23. I was on space mountain in 2007, Orlando Florida, and it was a ride in complete darkness, NO LIGHTS AT ALL! I was seriously disappointed when I thought that that was it, a rollercoaster in the dark. So this actually made me smarter today about something I thought I had already experienced, nice work 😉

  24. i love disney this is my favorite ride there

  25. Erica O says:

    You know what? That arm thing was probably the funniest thing I have seen someone do on a ride.

  26. 2:50 the girl who gets bagged on for knowing too much. You can see it all over her face.

  27. Nexfero says:

    anyone see that 110VAC electrical plug at 1:13?

  28. I once had to take a guy to jail that had arms just like that. T-Rex arms. He was beating on the glass between back seat and driver pleading with me in drunk talk to not take him. It shouldn't be funny but it kinda is. #ADA

  29. I was 6'2 when i rode space mountain, and i'm convinced i survived by my reflexes of ducking at the right times lol

  30. Seamus Walsh says:

    They have a giant contraption that simulates the size of the tallest person aloud to ride from front to back it rides the ride quite a few times before its opened. There has to be a certain amount of space between the contraption and the dangers for it to be opened

  31. When I went to DisneyLand they were doing repairs to space mountain’s dome, and had the lights on inside. I’ve seen the bars around the track, the seem really close!

    To this day I’d think it’s a scarier ride with the light on!

    P.S. I’m sure the measured every millimeter of beams to be safe, but it doesn’t look like it when you are flying through it!

  32. Trent Ryan says:

    Ah, paper fastpasses. Those were the days at WDW.

  33. Andrew Yates says:

    well not completely designed by walt disney

  34. CW29 Videos says:

    When you learn one of your favorite YouTube channels has a Space Mountain episode 😀

  35. Mary Lagua says:

    Fun ride seems like.