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Many people haven’t given much thought to why we call an armored vehicle a “tank”. The first version came in either a “Male” or “Female” options.


31 Replies to “Think Tank! – Smarter Every Day 11”

  1. firestorm547 says:

    Your collar was messed up.

  2. Patrick Chen says:

    You should show us an inside view

  3. anyone upset over the "female-male version" part or was that completely overlooked? no need to be sexist destin

  4. aka99 says:

    this german tank is a bad condition shocked

  5. Rubashow says:

    Imagine to drive a tank without stabilsation just looking through a slit …

  6. How could you just ignore that beautiful Panther in the background…? 😛

  7. Vire says:

    So what have i learn on this episode??

    First british tank. Female and male with canon.

    This is german tank develop in 1943

    This captured Russia tank from North Korea.


    His other video is better than this 😛

  8. RogueBrit says:

    Lol not such a smart episode………

  9. eckstream1 says:

    It's good to see Aberdeen Proving Ground in your video. Unfortunately they moved all the exhibits…
    Brings back some memories…

  10. alan stepp says:

    "greifen die amerikanischen Panzer"…. In that example the translation is "attack the American tank" the word Panzer is the way Germans would say tank in of course german. The word panzer didn't specifically describe a particular type of tank. Basically all tanks to the Germans was Panzer.

  11. DracoAvian says:

    I learned that somebody should restore that panzer. 🙁

  12. Destin thank you. I have come to learn as a subscriber to Smarter Every Day that no matter what videos I am cruising through your channel will fuel my mind. I hope you continue your quest to find the logic and science in every day affairs and spur today's lethargic youth into thinking understanding and questioning the "common". You sir are an inspiration!

  13. Mohd Fauzan says:

    Were u trying to do an FPSRussia impersonation at the beginning?? XD

  14. Water Tanks? I love it!

  15. Nexfero says:


    love the ending

  16. Grining Pain says:

    0:11 name of the tank (what writen on the left side of the cannon) is "soovorov" #knowrussianlanguage

  17. Bill C says:

    At some point in tank evolution the viewing slits were replaced with periscopes. But tanks ride rough and you get tossed around inside. So how do you make a periscope that you don't have to put your eyes against, especially while moving over rough terrain? 

    Destin probably has it figured out by now. You use prism mirrors to redirect the image inside the tank and make it visible in a larger viewing area.

  18. Joshua. says:

    where is this place

  19. It would be interesting to see a video about composite and ablative armor like what's on modern tanks

  20. Aarsh Patel says:

    Priiyka maleviya

  21. Talon Gaming says:

    Is it bad that I could tell it was a a T-34 on sight?

  22. Watching this on September 15 2016. Happy Birthday Tanks!

  23. iPhil says:

    this is in arizona right ??? near to sierra vista ?!!! i've been there too while my student exchange 😀

  24. Tom Dunphy says:

    Isn't that plaque thing a copy of myth busters?

  25. mark IV first tank ??? nope .. slightly wrong 😀 it was the first mass used 🙂

  26. Godly Gaming says:

    You know America didn't win the war it was the Soviet Union

  27. Hello my friends, this is fpsmartereveryday

  28. When I was in High school in 1973, I lived in post housing near that museum. I would walk around those tanks for hours.