Tuscaloosa Tornado – Smarter Every Day 7

I thought I would upload some footage to let you know what it was like just after the Tornado hit. We called it the “zombie apocalypse”. I had many very very interesting experiences during this time. All of the 3 cities I have lived in over the last 10 years were affected in a major way. My immediate and extended family were spared, experiencing only inconvenience. The question is often asked, “why would a good God allow such things to happen?” As a Christian, the honest answer is “I don’t know”. I can however, report on how it changed us. We met and became very close to very many people we otherwise wouldn’t have known. We were knocked off our high horse and forced to accept the generosity of others in thankful humility. I feel like this disaster has made me, personally a different person, (and one might argue for the better).

To say “God didn’t allow this” is a cop-out. He’s either all knowing and all powerful, or he isn’t. I happen to personally believe he is both, and every life affected was changed in a very specific way. I, like many others, began to focus on things other than myself and my own personal desires. I began to try more earnestly to understand Jesus’s teachings about how I’m to interact with others.

We feel really blessed to still have Briley after this. Feel free to ask me any questions. This is probably the only video about the tornado that I’ll describe my beliefs on. You will now return to your normally scheduled “Smarter Every Day”.

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38 Replies to “Tuscaloosa Tornado – Smarter Every Day 7”

  1. Nillie says:

    Yes, "flips it over" is quite the oversimplification. "Throws it around" would probably be a more accurate description.

  2. geodesic dome structure just like the eskimos. Safer, cheaper and mor fun. Simple solution.

  3. Yi Niu says:

    1:22 "this big oak tree fell on her…house"…. just please don't pause there, it's too scary

  4. psedog says:

    The cops seem to like it 😀

  5. Looters?! Is there actually people taking advantage of disasters like this?? :O

  6. H M says:

    The captions on this one are so bad like whyyyyy.

  7. Riley J says:

    And that's why I love the U.S.

  8. Daniel Murga says:

    good job sis for not pooping you pants!

  9. Bryon Miller says:

    Best quote of the video: "Roll Tide, baby!"

  10. Why the accent comes when you talk to other people, but when you look to the camera it goes?

  11. Mowntain Man says:

    my accent gets thick too when I'm home

  12. I wonder if it's like sodom and gamorah a good God had all those people die and spared those who believe.

  13. TheAdamGore says:

    I lived in Tuscaloosa at the time… Make no mistake, our whole town was totally destroyed.
    I watched my fence fly away whole and our house had visible holes in the ceiling. We basically had to move back to NC as a result. Thanks for making this video Des !

  14. it wasn't just Tuscaloosa thing in the entire State got blown away that day April 27th never forget it I was in Harvest Alabama we got hit there

  15. Yet another reason I want to build an underground house!

  16. I remember this. It went over my house (it had lifted by then, thankfully) but it was pretty scary. I lived in Georgia at the time and it touched down later after, so we were lucky

  17. Ben McNee says:

    1 John 5:19 – Ecclesiastes 9:11

    Thanks for this channel. I started by researching helicopters in connection with flies, then moved on to the Prince Rupert a drop, then thought… I need to just start from the beginning. IT'S GREAT!! 🙂 Thanks again!

  18. JBlake plays says:

    Glad your sister was ok

  19. this is why we use concrete to build houses… dont get me wrong… its very sad that this people lost so much stuff but i´m not going to defend all my stuff against mother earth on a Tornado coast with some wood and cardboard walls.

  20. jrb822 says:

    When you were showing the big oak tree…I spent a lot of my life on 21st Street behind there. It's crazy how close it was to hitting my family. Just maybe a couple hundred yards away. Glad your loved ones came out safe.

  21. Anne McPhee says:

    now it is a tree house

  22. jhauss1 says:

    He has a much deeper country accent in this video. Love it!

  23. rahmuss says:

    Definitely kudos to all who help whenever there are problems like this.

  24. BlinkyBill_ says:

    what sort of country is america when after a Tornado hits and u have lost everythging u need to tell everyone your home and armed….

  25. We in Puerto Rico get a few days of warning and noticed before a hurricane. I can't imagine the feeling of been hit by the winds of a tornado with short notice or no notice at all.

  26. One of my favorite of your videos. Kind of off normal topic but just a warning video of how people come together to help eachother out. Also some nice usage of the 2nd Amendment heh

  27. thats great in the USA, you can kill the thiefs… in my country, if you just want to give them a lesson, you get in prison for a life…

  28. ballisticfox says:

    Ah 2011 I had no power for a week and I remember my dad charging his phone with a solar panel not as bad as them but I live in Huntsville so still had tornados

  29. "This video's gonn be useless later ; when you shoot your other stuff"

    This is the third time I'm watching this video
    I hope all of them are doing okay 😀
    And I'd like to show, that it is true that all of us do care about everyone else in this world. I've seen a lot of good people helping out the needy, helping them get back on their feet at the least!
    A lovely time to be alive!

    2029 what's up! 🤙

  30. You never showed how you solved the 3 tree problem from the other tornado.

  31. Joel Miller says:

    We love Jesus and love seeing how he’s using you 🙌

  32. Lee Smith says:

    Maximum freedom, maximum liberty, yes. The problem is drawing the line between what you can do, and what harms others. Imagine total freedom. There is no crime, because nothing is prohibited. Won't work. At the other end is all behavior according to rules. Deathly stifling. Good that you can have a gun if your home is raked by a tornado. Bad that the police wrongly stopped a video. The devil is in the details, especially if they're missing. The Second Amendment does not guarantee you the right to have a gun, unless you're in a "well regulated militia." The rest is a little vague. You're an engineer; do the research. Should you be able to walk into a crowd with a loaded AR-15? That was real, on rhe street, in Louisville recently. Freedom yes, and loud. If it drowns out caution, it's over the line.

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