Let’s think about Lightning – Smarter Every Day 15

Have you ever thought about lightning and Thunder? If not, you should start! You can do science in your own front yard if you’ll just take a minute to engage your brain!

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28 Replies to “Let’s think about Lightning – Smarter Every Day 15”

  1. Jeb Watson says:

    Seriously? As much as it rains in Britain?

  2. Erste Lezte says:

    Your videos are funny, yet still teach you a lot. Nice combination!

  3. i hate it when people ask that

  4. Alan Douglas says:

    Hey Destin, I love your show but i have one question about lightening that i can not understand. I have been told and have read facts about lightening going from the ground UP to the cloud?!

  5. Janis Zeps says:

    This is most retarded thing i read today. Who teached you this? Please google this and read how it actually happens.

  6. Wouter Mol says:

    its the air that expands very quickly because of the incredible heat of the lightning, creating some sort of tiny vacuum. When the lighting is gone, the vacuum will collapse. This creates the sound.

  7. James Llewis says:

    Thank you Dustin I have been awake sins 05:00 GMT watching a storm roll over and I have been sat here listening to the thunder thinking now I'm smarter every day current time 06:11 GMT and it's still going

  8. NSA says:

    1:14 his face lol

  9. RK4000 says:

    why are you wet?

  10. there man says:

    I live up here in tornado alley and sometimes the sky just rumbles with no lightning. im thinking it is the power in the clouds making It I guess.

  11. therash09 says:

    I love thunderstorms!

  12. the majority of lightning strikes happen from cloud to cloud and only so often does it actually contact the ground, like wearing a sweater that causes a lot of static 

  13. M.H. Nielsen says:

    Try pause while the light from the Lightning is on. It looks like perfect daylight and you can see everything clearly. Pretty awesome though

  14. Genaugenommen – und das ist in dem Video so nicht herausgestellt worden – hört man den Blitz rückwärts. Wie im Video gesagt wird entsteht der vollständige Blitz sehr viel schneller als die Schallgeschwindigkeit. Deshalb entsteht der Schall quasi gleichzeitig überall da, wo der Blitz die Luft schlagartig erhitzt. Wir stehen auf dem Boden und deshalb ist es auch der Schall vom untersten Ende des Blitzes, der unser Ohr zuerst erreicht. Erst danach trifft nach und nach der Schall von den Orten ein die weiter von uns weg sind, also von den Stellen des Blitzes die weiter oben sind. Wir hören den Blitz also quasi rückwärts.

  15. Oualid says:

    at 0:45 if you can stop at the right moment,the light is in the middle,and the other middle is dark.Check this out!

  16. ……….. Still a chicken man.

  17. if its really closw though its not a rumble but a sharp crack like a gunshot.. happened last august a year ago wheee i live. it hit close, power was.lost for an hour pr 2 and the crack was so loud it hurt a little bit

  18. it was only a year or two ago when my sister (aged 33 at the time) learned from me that thunder was the sound of lighting. She still believed what dad used to tell us as kids, that it was the sound of clouds crashing into each other. I did learn a lot about the rumble from your vid, neat way of explaining it, Thanks Destin!

  19. i hope he doesn't get a cold!

  20. RocKITEman says:

    AT LEAST you weren't KITE FLYING. ;~)°

  21. 13Xerro says:

    Testing my math. Google says speed of sound is 340.29 metres a second. The delay time for the rumble is 7.899. Times them together and the lightning is 2.687 KM away.

  22. philip91153 says:

    and the bolt raises from the ground to the sky and not from the sky to the groudn 🙂 😉

  23. Jos Geerink says:

    At 01:00 you can see the rolling shutter effect!

  24. so if you think about it, potentially the longer the rumble the further away the strike may be!

  25. Joel Hudson says:

    Thunderbolt and lightning very very enlightening!

  26. Bryon Noel says:

    I once stayed in a concrete building on a hillside. Under the floor it was hollow with the south side open. One night we had thunder from the south side. When it reached us, the hollow box resonated so bad that it felt like the floor was hit with a sledge hammer and everything would shake. After which the thunder would echo off to the south.

  27. CORS6 says:

    If you want to know more on lightning, the medical issues, how it works and the damages it causes. Hit me up destin.

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