WE ATE GOAT BRAINS – Smarter Every Day 20

August 13, 2011 by 33 Comments

Months after you’ve eaten all the Pringles you brought to Africa you can keep stuff in Pringle’s cans…. torturing yourself to remind you how badly you want junk food every day.

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33 Replies to “WE ATE GOAT BRAINS – Smarter Every Day 20”

  1. VeganVixen says:

    Goats and other animals value their lives just as much as we value ours. We don't need animal products to live and thrive. Unnecessary harm to others is wrong.

  2. Don't eat brains kids, all evidence points to it being a very bad idea.

  3. anyone tried chicken hearts?? =^-^=

  4. I thought eating brains is a terrible idea due to the risk of prions?

  5. Stella A says:

    I used to live in South Africa when I was a child, and I remember going to the little villages to play with the children ( I was a child too). Even though I don't remember a lot about it, I know it was the best experience of my life living there, and I REALLY wanna go back now 🙁

  6. its good we called in our country bajha  its one of traditional food

  7. Where did that African man get his hair faded that good?

  8. It still has brains on it

  9. User Name says:

    @SmarterEveryDay I paused this video and subscribed because of the Pringles can. Brilliant.

  10. Ernie Hays says:

    But did you eat the brains? How were they?

  11. kenny lam says:

    lamb brain seasoned with finely chopped garlic and parsley lightly fried in oil is the best.

  12. you could have finished with "I'm Destin, and your getting smarter every day" right after the Pringles can tip.

  13. Everybody hate this video! I love goats!?!

  14. Surprisingly enough, one of the main driving forces behind human evolution was the fact that rudimentary stone tools allowed for the access of niche food. Our ancestors would have eaten brain all the time as a) most other animals cant access it since they dont have ways to crack the skull open b) all the fat and protein would easily meet the caloric needs an organism with such an expensive brain

  15. pezzypiff says:

    This makes me hungry

  16. Eating spaghetti while watching this.

  17. not weird we eat this in my country

  18. Mason West says:

    I love this video and keep coming back to it. This is probably the tenth time I've watched it. I've traveled enough to know that one travels as much by eating as by walking, and I would eat whatever showed up on my plate—tongue, brains, and all. Even though I'm in Texas, not Africa, I still needed a good way to store my spaghetti, so I bought a big packet and three cans of Pringles (which I like just as much as spaghetti), but to my disappointment, HEB's spaghetti is about a quarter inch longer than the the Pringles can. I still respect Destin as a rocket scientist though. I guess spaghetti is just a tad shorter in Africa.

  19. Z S says:

    That's how you get a prion infection… heat doesn't denature the prions

  20. Drew says:

    Destin, you are amazing man! Thank you for teaching many young men how to be a great man.

  21. Should definitly make an Africa playlist

  22. ballisticfox says:

    Does that mean you get the goats knowledge

  23. T s says:

    I love the way they blend together

  24. no way dude I lived in Lesotho( where they did the same thing) and to see you see the same thing is so cool

  25. This what’s the the time that he reacted to many comments because he wasn’t as popular then

  26. I see there are 13 years of videos I need to watch. So I clicked on this one before dinner. Urgh. I think I'd eat the brain over the tongue.

  27. tjwoosta says:

    Its one thing to try it once its all pre-prepared and ready to eat, its next level to watch it being prepared then eat it.

  28. Yup, those are goat brains

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