LGR Oddware – Creative Game Blaster / CMS Sound Card

September 1, 2011 by 45 Comments

The Creative Music System is a forgotten sound standard, but that doesn’t mean it’s lame! This is the history, installation, and demonstration of the C/MS sound card.

Technically, what’s shown is a Sound Blaster 1.5 with CMS chips installed, but the focus is on the C/MS itself, not SB.


45 Replies to “LGR Oddware – Creative Game Blaster / CMS Sound Card”

  1. kc0eks says:

    'don't you just love watching me screw?' bam I couldn't contain myself glad I wasn't eating.

  2. Mrcharrio says:

    I want a review of Star Control and Star Control 2

  3. Charliberty says:

    wait a minute, did it just say oil's well supports game blaster? I thought that game predated the gb by a few years.

  4. AL X says:

    You get a like justbfor the richard d james ref. You tha mane clinto 1.5

  5. jbarr1967 says:

    Actually laughed OUT LOUD….”Don’t you just LOVE watching me screw?”…..PRICELESS!!!!!!!

  6. Jesse Watson says:

    The Game Blaster sounds freaking amazing though. It's like a ticked out NES with way more channels and better modulation. And, in defense of the PC speaker, LucasFilm in particular did absurd things with it. I have no idea how they were smart enough to be able to use it in the fashion they did, given it is one channel and horrendous quality.

  7. Sound blaster is better

  8. :-O Was this the first episode of oddware?! thats my favorite series of yours!

  9. Kevin B says:

    The first Oddware Episode! Randomly showed up in my feed, super glad it did!

  10. USB says:

    @lgr Nice Aphex Twin reference! Still into that genre of music?

  11. Jeroen PUT says:

    Moonlight Sonata through the Game Blaster. Fuck yeah!

  12. is it just me or does the silpheed music really sound like pokemon red/blue on the gameboy

  13. superfury says:

    UniPCemu(made by me) has a better CMS emulation than Dosbox: it actually renders like an actual Game Blaster does(in it's PWM-rendering fashion) at 4MHz, then low-pass filters it(at 4MHz with a pass-filter of the output frequency(e.g. 44.1kHz/50kHz)) to the output sampling frequency(up to 50kHz). So if the computer running UniPCemu supports it(it usually does), it will run at up to 50kHz stereo audio at hardware quality. The output should match real audio cards afaik(although unverified since I don't have the card myself, just the Dosbox code as a reference). The only con at the moment is that it's not running at full speed(mainly due to the CPU and video card emulation being too heavy on the host CPU).

  14. I've just looked up the specs for the SAA1099, each tone-generator had two amplitude multipliers. (meaning that each channel was already fully stereo)

  15. Spladam says:

    Nobody every talks about the Game Blaster. I got one for my Tandy 1000 SX and it made Silpheed and Sierra adventure games amazing. The SB 1.5 did not come with the two Phillips SAA 1099, just the sockets, you had to add them yourself.

  16. kargaroc386 says:

    Of course, they named the monsters weird so that it would be harder to guess, given that its part of the copy protection

  17. The intelligent organ software is great!! Sounds very unique.

  18. The SAA1099 IC's are individually stereo, so in effect you have quadrophonic there. According to the layout of the Sam Coupe circuit.

  19. Game Blaster…. lol. Wish i could blast game.

  20. almost sounds like a sega master system.

  21. Arne Schmitz says:

    The SoundBlaster 2.0 needed a GAL in addition to the two SAA1099s. The GAL is a programmable logic array, which basically replaces a bunch of more simple ICs. The GAL has since been reverse engineered, since it is rather simple. So if you have a SB2.0 without CMS chips, you can download the equations for the GAL and make your own CMS upgrade.

  22. chill mode says:

    Now I really want to see game reviews of those games that work with the cms. The AD&D, lord of the rings, and star control looked pretty cool.

  23. Hahaha you sound so young

  24. CoTeCiOtm says:

    Moonlight Sonata sounds awesome! I kinda like it better with the CMS than the MT-32

  25. B Dre says:

    I had a CMS game Blaster installed back in the day at Radio Shack on my Tandy 1000. And, of course, my life was never the same

  26. Bledoston says:

    14:00 I swear I can hear a voice sing along.

  27. Adam Jenson never asked to be this desktop.

  28. Aex Tb says:

    I never undestand why sierra silpheede have soo dramatic and sad music… Is a shooter… Is one of my first videogame on ps1 ibm…

  29. J. says:

    uuuh, the moon light sonata gave me goosebumps.

  30. Zenodilodon says:

    Your sound card for recording is most likely capacitor coupled, this will end up changing the square wave a bit and will make for a more sinusoidal wave form. I have the same issue when trying to use my sound card to record ILDA laser signals for testing or using my sound card to capture wave forms off sensors and such. This is done in sound cards to protect them from input spikes and voltage differentials between the 2 devices thus only allowing changing electrical signals through but not a steady DC state. Not much you can do to get pas this.

  31. Two things strike me about this video 9 years later.

    1. Clint has come a long way.
    2. Clint has stayed true to himself.

    Kudos. A tricky balance.

  32. Nat Knutson says:

    oh wow I found the first oddware

  33. CptJistuce says:

    You probably know by now(it HAS been a decade), but Creative had good reason to be secretive about their parts.
    The Adlib was made entirely of unobscured off-the-shelf parts, which made it very easy to clone(as Creative did when they built the Sound Blaster). They took great pains to make sure that no one could easily do to them what they did to Adlib(and also to make things sound fancier than they were: the "DSP" chip isn't a Digital Signal Processor).

  34. William D says:

    Hey know you like Squarewaves…. love the channel and saw this video and thought you or 8-Bit guy might like…. https://youtu.be/m1pchpDD5EU

  35. that remind me of games in the mega drive so bad

  36. Champions of Krynn! Ah yes. Good old (A)D&D on the computer. Oddly enough I only heard of Champions when I bought a box full of Amiga stuff a couple years back (the game was included in said box). It's pretty awesome for it's time. When I was a kid I totally would have loved a game like this (instead, I was stuck with the somewhat mediocre Hillsfar, but I still played the shit out of it, despite having little to none knowledge of the english language back then).

    EDIT: I also love how we had to hook up Joysticks to the freaking SOUND CARD. Who ever thought that up?

  37. Isaac Marcos says:

    Nice !!
    Moon light sonata was in 2 games: Thexder (MSX1) and now fire hawk !!

  38. ISOHaven says:

    Whoa! just fired up Silpheed in MT32 glory. Sounds fantastic. Yet another game I played with only PC Speaker.

  39. john freeman says:

    “Enough of the Richard D. James face.”
    GOOD. ONE!

  40. kurema says:

    yada yada yada、辞書で存在は知ってたけど始めて聞いた。

  41. Neun Jahre, lange Zeit.