Vortex Shedding – Smarter Every Day 23

September 15, 2011 by 33 Comments

A brief look at what phenomenon causes a vortex behind airplanes. Oh, and an A-10 Warthog.

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33 Replies to “Vortex Shedding – Smarter Every Day 23”

  1. Worth watching just to see the A-10. The rest is just cherry on top….if you like cherries. lol

  2. Is that EAA experimental aircraft association? Osk kosh WI? If so what year?

  3. Martin S says:

    Nice video and i loved your sunburn xD

  4. You should do a part 2 about helical straking on cylindrical objects to disperse vortex shedding from wind. It's what brought down the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

  5. SSshirazZZ says:

    This paddleboarder wants to know — can they make paddles with tipped ends like they do airplane wings to avoid vortex shedding?

  6. So, should the ideal paddle be shaped more like the airplane wing with the tip bent up?

  7. another awesome video . thanks destin .

  8. was this in indiana because i am petty sure i was at the air show he was at

  9. Ah, now I understand the tipswings. Merry christmas !

  10. Guys, go easy on Destin for endorsing the Equal Transit Time Fallacy, he was just getting started!

  11. Red User says:

    Didn't see that A-10 coming

  12. Flightboss33 says:

    Never though I’d see a smarter every day video with less than a million views. You’ve come so far!!!

  13. EXCELLENT! No need for the elephant in the room, G, gravity. No need for defying gravity. Mass, density, altitude, atmosphere, pressure…

  14. Alex DeLarge says:

    Destin – You might want to mention what the advantages are to getting rid of the vortex shedding with the wingtip design. I've heard that it uses less fuel, but I don't know why. Maybe less drag with a more efficient wing? We need DATA!

  15. Shashank H R says:

    Application of Bernoulli's principle for explaining lift generation is an incorrect oversimplification of a much complex phenomenon. When you follow a fluid particle along a particular streamline, pressure and flow velocity can be related using Bernoulli's principle as long as the flow remains inviscid and incompressible (Mach < 0.3). While, it's possible to qualitatively explain lift by considering two streamlines, one passing over the wing and the other just passing under, and assuming the flow velocity of fluid particles along the chord remains constant, a quantitative analysis presents discrepancy between lift calculated using Bernoulli's principle and experimentally measured lift. In actuality the three conservation laws must be used in conjunction to explain lift.

  16. nermalsturf says:

    "…'cause I know a rocket scientist…"

  17. Dada Fan says:

    Grab a patent app, quick. Design for vortex shedding kayak paddle.

  18. Vern Black says:

    I love that you bring “life” to “life” with science

  19. IHaulBoxes says:

    Wearing NASA Tees before it was cool!

  20. Tanner Jones says:

    Woohoo blue raiders made the thumbnail!

  21. Rex Kwando says:

    I knew this would be good when I heard the a10 turbofans.

  22. Hi Dustin, I love your videos!

    BUT the aircraft does not fly due to the low pressure in the top of the wing, the aircraft fly because it push the air downwards, as much air as the aircraft weight.

  23. Rc Xc says:

    Thanks for teaching us .

  24. qaannat says:

    Look at Greenland style paddles. We paddle with a canted stroke to shed the vortex off one edge.

  25. This video is almost a decade old, but I just noticed Destin linked to his favorite bidet in the description. Interesting.

  26. Alex Tatkin says:

    hashaha Destin, you are the man. Even with your awkwardness, you are exactly the type of man i hope to become.

  27. GRD PROJEKT says:

    I think this is the first SED video I found when I was looking for air vortecies on vehicles 4 years ago. And went on to the reverse steering bicycle, and boom, subbed.

  28. This dude reminds me of Matt Damon