Alabama fan visits Auburn Eagle Practice – Smarter Every Day 32

November 25, 2011 by 36 Comments

Post to FB Flying Eagles in front of 87k people ain’t easy.
We partnered up with the good men and women at the Southeastern Raptor Training Facility at Auburn University to learn about training Eagles. They were extremely helpful and professional.
Look at their website at the Southeastern Raptor Center to learn more.

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36 Replies to “Alabama fan visits Auburn Eagle Practice – Smarter Every Day 32”

  1. tyson07cbr says:

    But i've seen eagles (wedge tailed) look amazing on a military parade in Darwin, Aust.
    No cages, he was walked out with his handler. Flew as taught, saluted, and returned. Amazing to watch.

    i cringed to see them release from a cage…. poor training i think…

  2. Jared Martin says:

    They do it for the birds safety when they have to carry them through the crowd…. so they practice with it for it to become routine

  3. Love that bird aka War Eagle VII

  4. gaveat123 says:

    Ouch Destin, that was quite a spectacular way to lose.

  5. ICF Trinity says:

    I was shocked when they showed the lure for the "dinner plate". It's my birth date

  6. MrAkajesan says:

    Video links broken. keep taking me to your main page.

  7. There always has to be a STORY, media makes most the crap up, or gets things started,it is what it is!,,Football,let it be..

  8. YYG Nation says:

    im suprised he wasnt shot lol

  9. The slow motion shots were cool. A real majestic animal.

  10. Maisy Mouse says:

    It is spelled Jordan but pronounced Jerdon

  11. Bama can't mock Auburn for having two mascots. You've got an elephant and… you WOULD have a tidal wave, but that would be a ridiculous looking costume (or a failed Ocean Spray advertisement).  #WDE  

  12. NOT "jor dan prounced Jerdan but spelled Jordan!!!

  13. Caging an eagle is counter intuitive.

  14. ive always wondered why they have the eagle being that they are the tigers….makes no sense to me either

  15. I live in Juneau, Alaska where there are many, many eagles. Just yesterday I nearly hit a mature bald eagle with my truck. A group of them (what's the collective noun for eagles?) was on the side of the road taking a look at someone's garbage can. Yep, they are dirty scavengers and hang around the garbage dump. Someone is paid to creatively and safely shew them off.

    But, these eagles also live on my work (Juneau Empire newspaper) and are always seen there like gargoyles, thanks to the hatchery across the street.


  17. Come on folks, appreciate a good, educational collaboration. Watching won't turn you into a fan of your rival, but may give some mutual respect, and there's never anything wrong with that. Alabama has an elephant for a mascot and yell "Roll Tide" and never even mention "Go Elephants". They have a mascot and a battle cry. So does Auburn. The Tiger is the mascot and our battle cry is "War Eagle".
    This was a really nice thing to do between the schools. It's interesting to learn about the eagles and the raptor center. And the bit of lighthearted ribbing at each other was fun. That's the way it ought to be. Too many times it gets ugly and that's stupid. And for all of the others saying they just cage up eagles that could be released and survive, go to the raptor center site and educate yourselves. There are reasons these can't be released. Spirit has a bit of a deformed beak, I think. And they rehabilitate and release any raptors that can survive in the wild. If they caught them only for captivity they'd have many more eagles.
    Go Tigers! War Eagle!

  18. Aaron Tyler says:

    2:40 "Get back here with that!"

  19. It has always surprised me that the eagle isn't freaked out at 87K screaming people, and that it doesn't just take off to try to get away. I'm sure once they've done it a couple of times in the middle of all of that chaos, they get used to it– but I'm surprised whenever a new one goes out on a gameday, that it doesn't flip out.

  20. Sean Davis says:

    That was a cool story.. (Thought is was funny that the eagle smacked the Bama student) knows the enemy I suppose.. As a Seminole I get the Tiger and Eagle deal as we have Chief Osceola and the Seminoles… But I still do not get the Crimson Tide and the Elephant..
    None the less Auburn and FSU have the best intros for their games!
    Keep up the great work with all your birds of prey!
    War Eagle!

  21. Thank you for coming to my hometown

  22. JesterWDE says:

    JER-don-Hare Stadium. NOT Jordan.

  23. 3:17 that speed tho, I'm kinda terrified but mainly awestruck😮

  24. 3:16 Nova gets after it. War Eagle folks!

  25. Mary Lagua says:

    That’s neat.:) Go Auburn!!

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