The Physics of Slingshots, with Jörg – Smarter Every Day 31

November 19, 2011 by 29 Comments

Yep, I went to Germany. Click to share this with your friends please Can I get a thumbs up or something?

Many are asking: the camera is a Vision Research Phantom

This is the video that made me realize I had to visit Jörg:
This is the video with his huge slingshot:

The custom music was created by “A Shell In The Pit”.
Support the artist by going and downloading this and many more of his songs.
The names of the songs used are “Jörg” and “The Bear”
Download some of his music to jam to here:

Ja, ich bin nach Deutschland geflogen. Eine Bitte: Klickt auf und teilt das mit Euren Freunden! Ein “Daumken hoch” oder so wäre toll.

Die eigens komponierte Musik stammt aus der Feder von “A Shell In The Pit”.

Ihr könnt den Künstler unterstützen, indem Ihr seine Webseite besucht und jede Menge seiner Songs runterladed. Die Namen der Titel, die ich in diesem Video benutzt habe, lauten “Jörg” und “The Bear”.
Hier könnt Ihr seine Musik zum Jammen runterladen:

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29 Replies to “The Physics of Slingshots, with Jörg – Smarter Every Day 31”

  1. Bobby Smith says:

    I love how much the bald guy laughs.

  2. Jojo Carli says:

    Die Schleuder ist schön, ja.

  3. McLP says:

    siss iss se besst inglsch pornanssistion (even if many germans get this worse idk why)

  4. videoloops1 says:

    0:38 That's German humour for you guys.

  5. Danfga2 says:

    How have i never seen this video 😮

  6. Kin N says:

    Incredibly attractive fella at 2:15

  7. You teamed up with Jorg, so awesome!

  8. SatanSupimpa says:

    2017 and just now I'm watching this video. YouTube took too long to recommend me this.

  9. I have a sling shot

  10. Mrmjb_fpv says:

    lets look at its feautures

  11. You help me fall in love with slingshots again thank you and I don't think most people realize a good slingshots great for survival just practice on hitting cans before you go hunting

  12. Will Punt says:

    Stupid nerds

  13. "This is the only sling shot that I've ever built that makes grown men giggle like they're small girls." BA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Perfect!

  14. "I don't wanna put my hand in there because I don't wanna die" lol

  15. gary K says:

    When guns are outlawed…you get taken over by Germans.

  16. Ima kill You says:

    the starting of the video was awesome lmao

  17. Destin looks so young haha

  18. David Smetak says:

    must be the same for archery

  19. Wow this was done in 2011 and I just discovered in 2019. Desmond and Jorge!

  20. that's pretty cool you're a fan of that channel also

  21. I can't believe I'm just seeing this for the first time. I have loved watching both Smarter Every Day and the slingshot channel for quite some time now.

  22. GarageRatz says:

    Sweet watch my channel GARAGERATZ

  23. Man Man says:

    Jorg is a legend

  24. xmk says:

    GOAT collab

  25. One of my favorite collaborations of all time.

  26. Eduard Ritok says:

    What a young dude here 😁😁 .i got it recommended by youtube …and I an wondering why is Destin so teen-looking here xD and now i notice.. 2011 .. ahaaaa .. 😁

  27. My god. Found a treasure😍

  28. Let me show you the features

  29. I had no idea this collab happened! Only 9 years late to the party 😉