How to light a match inside a balloon – Smarter Every Day 36 LASER MONTH

December 23, 2011 by 46 Comments

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Why doesn’t the balloon Shrink? Why doesn’t it grow?
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Exploring the opacity of balloons with a laser classified as a fire hazard.

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Het onderzoeken van de absorbtie van ballonnen met een brandgevaarlijke laser.

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46 Replies to “How to light a match inside a balloon – Smarter Every Day 36 LASER MONTH”

  1. he blow into the balloon to fill it up, considering that there is already a little amount of oxygen in there, the level of CO2 should be much more. I am just confused, that with so much CO2 and water vapor how could the match really light up?

  2. What laser was used in this experiment?

  3. junaidi17 says:

    Once i lit a small hole in balloon which i filled with gas when i was a kid.expected that it will be a nice linear flame from the thing i know i have no eyebrows,eye lashes and top of my hair.Everyone laughed so hard when they saw my face.That curiosity made me an engineer.So keep experimenting..!

  4. chase1146 says:

    Before watching the video: my guess is that their putting a match inside a balloon and blowing it up then with a laser light the match inside it.
    After watching the video: well look at that my guess was right.

  5. who cries watching this video

  6. If light has momentum, why no laser beam able to produce any air flow or move/push any object?

  7. Mrinal Jain says:

    You need oxygen to have a fire! You used you own exhaled air which barely contains oxygen.

  8. Why must lasers be illegal in Australia?! #legalizelasers4oz

  9. Alan Stevens says:

    Johan looks like Grant Gustin

  10. What would happen if you swung the balloon around so that the match ran against the sides? Sorry if that's stupid

  11. chillowHD says:

    anyone noticed the awesome lion drawing in the background? Science…

  12. Bas Weide says:

    Try it with a black ballon 😛

  13. Gabe says:

    I want one of those lasers

  14. did you put a filter on when the laser was active? or did the camera decide togo nuts? it looked cool

  15. Todd Gobbett says:

    For a second, I thought he was gonna let something heavy dangle in there with the match, so that the match would be pushed up through it, creating the necessary friction for combustion, but instead, he used a laser :p

    Anyway, really liking your videos. They're definitely expanding my knowledge 🙂 Thanks.

  16. Lance L says:

    how did the lazarbeam😨 not burn your eyes when you stuck your face in it🤓

  17. Rinku says:

    I'm not even there, and yet, the laser is hurting my eyes…

  18. 刘垚 says:

    why would you need a laser to light it up?

  19. Kevin Eppers says:

    This experiment was great. I expected to see the light focused onto the match as a means of passing through the balloon without harming it, but it appears that focusing the light was not necessary. I liked seeing the condensation from the water byproduct of combustion. Also, did you notice if the balloon increased in size from heating the air?

  20. This video has subtitles in Hebrew.

  21. VanessaVlogs says:

    Wait how did they light the match ???????? With laser? Or with the energy/pressure in the balloon ?

  22. The Sqoou says:

    How about doing it again where we can actually see the experiment. Like maybe turn off the laser just as it's igniting and use a clear balloon.

  23. Mr. Lowery says:

    The laser had its focal point at the match head and the balloon was translucent enough to let the beam pass through to the match. This is how certain medical procedures can use laser light to operate on a person without making any incisions.

  24. You were definitely drunk filming this one 😂

  25. Sou Vad says:

    That textbook of Nonlinear optics brings back memories

  26. So, if we use a balloon which is opaque in nature, will it end up popping the balloon first?

  27. usernamenaw says:

    The art work on the whiteboard is the real start of the video, who drew that?

  28. burt591 says:

    Shouldn't heat make it to expand since hot air is less dense than cold air?

  29. E Hop says:

    Thumbs up for flatulent motion

  30. I didn't even learn anything on this video.

  31. Timo m says:

    U can pop with a mag glass

  32. My guess is you Compress it

  33. cyortiz05 says:

    The pressure would build due to smoke and it will pop after a while also why it didt shrink

  34. Will Cadiz says:

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it in the comments, but your demonstration with the match getting pushed out of the balloon is a great representation of how you get blown out of an airlock not sucked out as most people would believe.

  35. alexdrapeau says:

    basic model of how a tampon works

  36. Barry White says:

    Try different volatile gasses!

  37. Anhänger says:

    did you recognize that your children live in fear?

  38. beartastic says:

    I'll have to take your word for it that I got smarter today … but heck I enjoyed the video either way!

  39. Epic as always but music is very high

  40. Mary Lagua says:

    Very nice, it’s self explanatory.

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