Laser Month! Week 2 – Laser vs Balloons – Smarter Every Day 35

December 16, 2011 by 22 Comments

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The Balloon at 2:52 had black writing on it, notice he lines it up to pop it.
Exploring the opacity of balloons with a laser classified as a fire hazard.

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Het onderzoeken van de absorbtie van ballonnen met een brandgevaarlijke laser.

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22 Replies to “Laser Month! Week 2 – Laser vs Balloons – Smarter Every Day 35”

  1. Seeker296 says:

    So wear white gloves while working with lasers?

  2. Racist Laser. But awesome lesson thru experimentation.

  3. dutch/swedish people have the best sense of humor ever. lol i know a swedish foreign exchange student and he is hilarous, just like johan here lol. 😀 the way they just say jokes in english just cracked me up.

  4. i do not have balloons and my laser is class 3b, but with a class 4 focused laser you still can't pop a white balloon?

  5. ztb231 says:

    i already knew how that worked before he even got to the white one

  6. if it was really a blue laser then the blue balloon shouldn't have popped either! if you notice it did take longer to pop than the previous colors but still heated up since the laser isn't the same wavelength as the balloon really reflects

  7. what languse was the other dood tslking it sounds like a languge i know

  8. 8bit72HAC says:

    One of the white ones popped, lol

  9. dannyoman says:

    Recycle your rubber hee hee

  10. does the size of the balloon effect this at all, e.g. as you fill the balloon with more air the latex becomes more sheer and the light may pass through as opposed to heating it however the latex is thinner and requires less heat to pop (generally speaking elastics are weird so not necessarily certain)

  11. Brett Benzie says:

    My son says to say he loves Smarter Every Day, and to "make sure Destin keeps making them!". Cheers!

  12. RobbieFPV says:

    Hungry kids in Africa could've eaten those balloons.

  13. WAAAA, this is a very old video, impressive

  14. You wrote zwart with a s😂

  15. We have formal laser training. Starts randomly popping balloons for fun

  16. Contraster says:

    they missed pink…

  17. Contraster says:

    They popped about vijf en zeventien balloons

  18. RLingate says:

    but the blue one wont absorb blue light, so it shouldnt pop?

  19. Masterpj555 says:

    It's not blue.. It's violet aka 405nm

  20. Daniel Pitts says:

    1080p res in 2011? WOW

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