Are You Lightest In The Morning?

February 12, 2012 by 26 Comments

Are you heaviest at night before you go to bed and lightest in the morning? I tried to tease out the factors to figure out what really causes weight gain and loss during the day, and what causes daily weight fluctuations.


26 Replies to “Are You Lightest In The Morning?”

  1. Leon C says:

    when i empty my bowel

  2. Ash Ahmed says:

    Derrick, love you channel.I’ve been watching for months. I watched a TEDX talk on mathematics of weigh lost which confirms your findings.

  3. Ken says:

    gingergoddess sounds more like she may be a blondegoddess.

  4. Dankrupt says:

    Ugh the thumbnail looks soo good. I wish I could afford food like that

  5. Shark Boy says:

    I can see hard work below his eyes 👀

  6. The weight is going down the white throne. Sorry to break your family-friendlyness

  7. Sheng Han says:

    Mr. You are paper thin.

  8. Able Reason says:

    3:30 good thought, but she has to imagine it more like how a spring doesn't lose mass when it loses its saved energy.

  9. During daytime, the sun and the earth pull the objects on the earth's surface in opposite directions. During nighttime, the sun and the earth pull these objects in same direction. Can this be a reason for an object to weigh more at night as compared to its weight in the morning…🤔

  10. Adam Lea says:

    It eeemed intuitive to me a person would be lightest first thing in the morning. They are burning calories to sustain their life which come from carbohydrates and fat, but they are not taking in any food or drink. The lost mass is the carbohydrates and fats reacting with oxygen to generate energy (through an exothermic chemical reaction), carbon dioxide and water vapour, the latter two being exhaled.

  11. Shaik Adil says:

    bro increase your sleep tiime you are getting dark spots under ypur eyes

  12. Terri Gomez says:

    Michael from Vsauce would have included weight loss through sleep farting.

  13. Buzzmas says:

    Man, how do people think nuclear fission is happening in them!?

  14. News flash, matter is energy, everything is energy!

  15. hamza Umar says:

    In the morning u r facing the sun and its gravitational force pulls u away from earth so u loss negligible amount of weight but not the mass and when u r facing away from the sun the gravitational force of sun is towards the earth causing an increase in weight. This first came in my mind can anyone approve or disprove it???

  16. featherton says:

    I'm surprised no one mentioned getting up in the night to go to the bathroom. For people who do that, it probably has a significant effect (much more than the 250 g from this video).

  17. Abhi shek says:

    So this is the reason i can do more push-ups in morning than at night

  18. Commenting for school

  19. pokenei says:

    You didn't factor in the fact that most people take trips to the bathroom every night during sleep.

  20. Ratan Tanwar says:

    Why does a dead body lose weight….it does not breath nor it sweats

  21. HeheKnight says:

    idk but im lightest after i take a dump and heaviest after i eat alot

  22. George says:

    Nice to see some people with common sense. Americans wouldn't know how to reply.

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