Perfect Muzzle Flash Photos – Smarter Every Day 43

February 20, 2012 by 22 Comments

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By popular demand, here’s the link to the muzzle flash photos:

Use common sense people. Safety is #1. Guns are not toys.

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22 Replies to “Perfect Muzzle Flash Photos – Smarter Every Day 43”

  1. Siko Man says:

    That photo of Michael firing the 50 BMG should be a wallpaper.

  2. drenk7 says:

    Destin what caliber is you revolver? 44 Mag?

  3. ProWhitaker says:

    Thanks for the video

  4. Donjear says:

    What does it look like with the muzzle flashing being the only light source? haha this is cool! every question brings up a few more questions!

  5. Michael shooting a 50? Im happy in life now

  6. 3:09

    Vsauce .50 Fact Sniper

  7. Hayden Boyer says:


  8. amazzzing content dude

  9. Bennyfields says:

    It took me months of watching Smarter Everyday to realize he decorates his office to fit the video

  10. 3:11
    PrintScreen and save as a wallpaper.


  12. fatima says:

    3:09 When they don't know where their fingers are

  13. Rice Man says:

    imagine if you just saw this thing in your bedroom in the middle of the night

  14. chaosMusic says:

    "Hey smarterveryday! Michael here! "

  15. Michael straight up lookin like the CT on a csgo loading screen

  16. Mick 92 says:

    When someone says they don't want to learn about the science of farts 3:09

  17. Ignorance says:

    I'm kind of amazed that this hasn't been a thing for some action movie. Seems perfect for creating some surreal action sequence.

  18. Mary Lagua says:

    True, be careful when playing with firearms.