Why You Didn’t Die at Birth – Smarter Every Day 42

February 12, 2012 by 43 Comments

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You went from breathing liquid to air at birth. Why did you not die? Answer? Your heart’s plumbing SIGNIFICANTLY changed with your first breath. AWESOME huh?
Have you ever heard of someone “with a hole in their heart”. The Foramen Ovale doesn’t seal completely causing improper flow.

Here’s the verse at the end of the video: http://bit.ly/xSFYDM

Many people seem to be having a problem with Doc’s explanation. I would remind you that he’s a Doctor and is qualified to make these statements. We made that cut several times, and I asked him to simplify his summary very greatly. When doing so he didn’t include descriptions of meconium, pulmonary pressure differentials, etc. These were discussed in detail, but I chose to leave them out and only focus on the foramen ovale and ductus arteriosis. We also used the term “breathe” loosely when the baby is inside the womb because there isn’t an oxygen exchange in the baby’s lungs with amniotic fluid.

Babies do “inhale” and “exhale” amniotic fluid:

Babies do defecate in the womb:

A special thanks to Wayne for filming the scene with Dr. Schuster and operating camera focus on the scene with engineering paper.

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43 Replies to “Why You Didn’t Die at Birth – Smarter Every Day 42”

  1. Mr. Tree says:

    Wow, this guy could have doctored my birth. (The doctor, not even a joke, could've actually doctor my birth)

  2. I almost paused the video to attend to a crying baby when sudden realisation kicked in…

  3. Denise Rocco says:

    Congrats on your little boy! He's beautiful! Great lesson today!

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  5. wandarbear says:


  6. What's the only bone were not born with? (But acrue later in life)


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    Like maybe “and he will soon again” or something like that.
    Or am I just the least mature and most childish here so I was the only one thinking like that?

  8. "Hey Doc, you wanna can the tunes so we can get this show on the road?.."

  9. YouTube User says:

    Your wife is so beautiful!!!!!

  10. What about cesarean born babies that were not squeezed through the birth canal?

  11. Vijay Vala says:

    He sit on Teddy 😂

  12. voluntaryist says:

    8 years later… Btw congrats!!

  13. Great video, as usual.
    Thank you for "Your" explanation. I expected the doctor to have been much more specific like you did. But not.
    I learned something new and got smarter. 😀

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  16. Sara Segador says:

    I really like that on the end of his videos he always places a Bible verse on ☺️

  17. Deanna Banks says:

    I'm watching in 2020 and he must be 8 now 😍

  18. Destin: Why did you not die?
    Me: *existential crisis kicks in* I don't know, mate. I don't, know. *gazing at the night sky, questioning my existence*

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  20. Trevor Snair says:

    That baby is soooooo cuteeeee

  21. 4:15 : Shut up son! I'm doing science!

  22. Collin Arndt says:

    Anyone watching in there birthday

  23. xstevie89x says:

    First time watch in 2020!! 🙏🏻

  24. I guess I had always assumed that the fluids kept the epiglottis closed and didn't allow fluid into the lungs and the umbilical acted like a bypass. Thanks for teaching me the real mechanisms.

  25. Echad says:

    Who says I didn't die at birth?

  26. Zave Crave says:

    This man has a baby to teach us how they work

  27. Rito Garcia says:

    That was awesome bro

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    I've said it before, and likely will again: I wish Destin had been my dad.

  31. Background music is annoying

  32. It's magic. The sound of a newborn baby makes me tear up every time. Thank fro sharing your love of learning with us! I'm not surprised a Doctor would love playing a guitar. Any musical instrument strengthens your brain man!

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