Are Helicopters Gyroscopes? – Smarter Every Day 48

April 11, 2012 by 22 Comments

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22 Replies to “Are Helicopters Gyroscopes? – Smarter Every Day 48”

  1. if the wheel is spenning in the other direction, will it rotate in the other direction ?

  2. owxl says:

    5:34. Cat unsubscribed.

  3. Recent SeD addict and really enjoyed this one; I worked on helicopters for 4 years and thought I understood it all. Also an NCSU Mechatronics engineer, so I've had Statics and Dynamics. But it took your video to put gyroscopic progression and the swash plate position together in my head. Appreciate your way of breaking things down.

  4. !!!!! Sudden realization: that is how motorcycle counter steering works! You have to turn the handlebars in the opposite direction you want to turn to get the bike to lean. Once it leans over, you're turning!

  5. The sunset!! hahaha.. love it

  6. Poor kids never got to build their sunset and hand spinny😟

  7. Engaging videos, as always~
    I don't get it all, I guess, but one thing that boggles my mind is why does the force act at 90° of its point of contact in the plane of rotation, and not at a higher or lower angle?
    Do I make sense? Haha.

  8. 75dsfireman says:

    I’ve been flying RC copters for a while. Real world none of it makes sense, after you fly for a while and crash enough you start to figure it out real quick. It’s a huge learning curve. I’ve learned a tiny bit of physics and didn’t even know it! Love your videos brother.

  9. I love your channel. You can never stop learning!

  10. vimal aditya says:

    This is by far the most mind boggling thing I have learnt! Thanks a lot

  11. Blue Fluke says:

    After you explain how the helicopter flies, maybe you can explain the physics of how a cat (behind you in the bookcase) lands on its feet from any angle.

  12. ''It's a big mass, spinning very fast" Feels so epic.

  13. But why does the force take effect 90 degrees later?

  14. Ben Groce says:

    I'm a flight school student, thanks for the videos

  15. Hii Destin, for the first time I watched your video three days back and that's awesome. I loved your video and started watching this series of "Smarter Every Day". Today I watched this video and understood completely because I learned gyroscope in my last semester. Yes, I am an engineering student. I thought of giving you reference to understand it easily. But then I realised this video was posted 8 years back 🤪. I don't know if you read this comment or not . But I am getting Smarter Every Day.

  16. It’s funny how much gyroscopes challenge our preconceptions. I want to see the math.

  17. Dank Noodle says:

    I get that it does this but no idea why

  18. An easy, no-math explanation: The only principle you need is that a particle tends to move in the direction of the applied force.
    For reference, refer to 4:35. The wheel is spinning clockwise when viewed from the top. For ease of explanation, imagine a clock face superimposed on the wheel so that 12 o'clock is the most distant point of the wheel and 6 o'clock is closest to the guy's chin.
    Now suppose a point on the wheel is passing through the 6 o'clock position. The guy pushes upward on the lever. This tends to make the point on the wheel move straight up. However, because the wheel is spinning, the point does not move straight up – it sort of goes on an incline, up and to the left. It will continue up this incline until it reaches a maximum Up at the 9 o'clock position. At this point, the force applied by spokes tends to win out and the point begins to move downward and to the right, on a downward incline.
    It will continue on this downward incline until it reaches the 9 o'clock position where the spokes again win out and starts the point moving upward again. So what do we have? Maximum Up occurs at 9 o'clock. Maximum Down occurs at 3 o'clock. The only way this can happen is for the plane of the wheel to tilt to the right, as you can observe in the video.
    For fun, suppose the wheel was rotating in the opposite direction. Push the lever up as before. Now the point (at 6 o'clock) will begin to travel on an upward incline to the right. Where will it reach the maximum Up? And, of course, the plane of the wheel will tilt to the left.
    What if the wheel were not rotating at all? In this case, the point would simply move straight up without traveling on an incline, and there would be no precession.
    Not so hard after all, is it? 🙂 (10/2020)

  19. Tatskaari says:

    I just realised that when you're riding a bike and you lean off axis, the gyroscopic procession means that off axis force due to gravity no longer acts to push you further off axis! It's just causes a torque on the handlebars.

  20. the question is why it is out of phase??

  21. ROCKY KRISH says:

    Better than other video… 😅

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