Helicopter Physics Series – #5 Autorotation = NO PARACHUTE! – Smarter Every Day 50

April 27, 2012 by 43 Comments

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The wizard pilot is Carl Groover http://www.carlgroover.com/
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Sarah Xu created the awesome time-lapse intro.

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Igor Sikorsky figured this out after a mosquito almost killed him.


Understand the Physics of the blades a little better:

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43 Replies to “Helicopter Physics Series – #5 Autorotation = NO PARACHUTE! – Smarter Every Day 50”

  1. that is what I meant, you did this with Neil Tyson
    I mean on this Topic

  2. Probably a little late to mention but the 'Fatherhood failure' moment with the toy parachute was caused by slope lift created by air (wind) blowing at and over the building. What he did was actually a very short slope soaring flight 🙂
    Google 'slope soaring' for more info, and then try 'Dynamic Slope Soaring' to really get blown away so to speak…

  3. rahmuss says:

    Pretty cool. Never knew about their autorotation option.

  4. Kirtahl says:

    I wanna go watch anime, But I can't stop learning.

  5. Thank you bro I feel a lot better about riding in a helicopter lol

  6. Absolute skills! Wow!

  7. I watched the last video.👍

  8. J H says:

    mind = blown

  9. But do you still need your counter torque when you fly without the main cause isn’t the helicopter going to spin out of control

  10. This video taught me something I just couldt imagine before. This video is nothing without watching the previous 4 before. I finally understood how helicopters are so safe. There are gliding seeds in trees here in my town and they are like helicopter blades, you can see it from time to time and this video reminded me of that. This is great.

  11. Yellow dude look like James hopes

  12. Freddie V says:

    Surely he sorts the blades and then shuts off the power, else how do you control it if the power is off?

  13. 민선식 says:

    Its… amazing….

  14. What actually happens with the collective pitch in all fases of the autorotation? Do the pilot put it in a position to the chopper go down faster in the moment the engine is shutted off or in a neutral position?

  15. Carazy123 says:

    This is amazing

  16. Dilon Petzke says:


  17. You look my ceo were I work

  18. Ed S says:

    Yeah not “air forced through by gravity”. Auto gyros existed before helicopters, they always new that helicopters could autorotate.

  19. Avery Sloper says:

    You're safe until the Jesus nut disconnects.

  20. Destin, not sure but I think you should get some slow motion video of this helicopter in action to explain physics. Super life like and skillful flier means for a great video. Hope you see this and take it into consideration! Love the YouTube Channel! A.Reese

  21. but what if the enemy shot the blades?

  22. This kid is good!!!

  23. VolDep45 says:

    That guy has got some mad Radio Controlled Helicopter flying skills!! I flew Hueys and OH-58s in the US Army and I can never fly RC aircraft that well. I'm more of a seat-of-my-pants flyer.

  24. sky shaq says:

    I'm actually amaze after watching this

  25. dat vuong says:

    why do we should have negative pitch and not positive pitch?

  26. My god, this guy knows how to manipulate his machine. Mad props.

  27. drone pilots are gods

  28. OMG xD … how to land a powerless upside down helicopter ! … this never crossed my mind but it's real :-O

  29. Om Pandya says:

    He asked what If that battery dies? How would you control it to autorotation if you can't communicate with it via radio? Just joking!!! 😂

  30. His kid looked so disappointed when the parachute went straight to the neighbors lol

  31. 2020 still awesome

  32. if you're smart he takes the pin wheel out hahaha

  33. Chris R says:

    7 years later Carroll is a badass! Falls that thing like a boss

  34. what happened to explaining the speed limit?

  35. This is a better learning tool then the video in the real helicopter

  36. Koby should’ve watched your videos 😢😢

  37. In the case of the remote-control helicopter, if the battery actually gave out you’d lose control as well as power, making an autorotation impossible.

  38. Angry Dimsum says:

    forgiving air pressure, temperature, and the fact that your blade pitchers can fail… oh nooo!

  39. He is smooth @ flying that helicopter

  40. Josiah Bower says:

    Absolutely mind blown. I knew about autorotation, but not how it worked!