DEEP DIVE #1 – Smarter Every Day 52

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Watch to become the smartest person you know with respect to helicopters.
This playlist is like a TV show, but you have to think and get smarter. Take the Deep Dive!

(If I did this right these should be working Amazon affiliate links to purchase the stuff I like to use. When people purchase from these links it will support Smarter Every Day.)

❓Mystery Item (just for fun):
Things I use and like:
📷Camera I use :
Favorite Lens:
On-camera Mic:
Lav Mic:
Hot shoe mount for Lav Receiver:
My Tripod:
My Multi-tool:
Favorite SD Card:
💾How I get footage off my phone:
Travel Tripod:
My Backpack:
My Headlamp:
Favorite Bidet:
World Map:
Favorite Shoes:
Everyone needs a snatchblock:
🥽Goggle Up! :

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28 Replies to “DEEP DIVE #1 – Smarter Every Day 52”

  1. MrAltberg says:

    Vsause leanback copy

  2. nugen_exe says:

    Diving suit too far away… I rather leanback

  3. implying you can copyright the use of youtube playlists

  4. Xbowloser says:

    I am actually amazed about you, your like me about 0.01% of the population that goes out of their way to learn new things. I learn from people like you and you learn from god knows where.. Thankyou for feeding both our hungers 🙂 Im the only 16 year old I know that actually enjoys learning this kind of stuff.

  5. Why did you make this video, again?

  6. Tried that, I couldn't see my marks correctly. I did a very intricate mosaic pattern and even 1/8" off shows. That and I'm an idiot.

  7. El Toyotero says:

    Pushing against a saw is the proper method to use table circular saws because the edge of the saw contacting the material is pushing down and towards the operator, so that they are pushing against the force of the blade cutting into the material.

    Should one attempt to cut from the other side, the contact point of the blade would be moving up and away from the operator, IE, the saw tries to lift the material and pull it away in the direction the operator is already trying to push it.

  8. El Toyotero says:

    It's mostly a problem when someone tries to feed material faster than the saw can cut (and probably less of a problem with an abrasion blade than a large toothed wood cutting blade)
    Pushing against the direction of the blade and you risk overloading the capacity of the saw and stalling it.
    Pushing with the blade and it'll lift, grab and throw your material across the room.

    That would be awesome to see in slow-mo. 😉

  9. It's also not safe to run the saw the other way, It is much safer and you have much more control pushing the tile through as the blade spins towards you. if you go the other way, the tile tends to climb up on the saw blade, and there is a tendency for the blade to pull the tile through the saw uncontrolled. The same goes for a table saw, the blade spins towards you, forcing you to push the material through the saw, not just taking it and you through the saw.

  10. Sam Y says:

    Can i clone you to have as a science teacher?

  11. Ilikesifsif says:

    At first I was like Destin, you are the absolute sweatiest man I have ever seen, the I realized it must be the lubricating fluid from the saw. lmao.

  12. psynrg says:

    lol, same here 🙂

  13. TheUsacoder says:

    Hi Destin,
    You have put together fantastic videos regarding helicopter flight controls. I started my Private Pilot training about two months ago and I don't think my instructor was able to deliver the concepts as good as you did in your videos. I am glad I found your YouTube channel.
    Wanted to say thank you for job well done. I love to see more in-depth videos on helicopter controls and concepts if you decide to continue producing them.

    Great Job.


  14. MrBumbo90 says:

    Intelligence is a genetic thing you can't increase your intelligence so how many days you live doesn't really matter. right?

  15. Another Lean Back? And not from VSauce??

  16. TownUp38 says:

    this sound very familiar to the vsauce leanbacks which is a great idea but dont use the exact same wording as them when introducing

  17. its a tile cutter, it needs water to keep down dust and keep the tile from fracturing. hes not sweaty.

  18. Jacob A says:

    I don't know what's funnier, the fact that you don't understand his reply is a play on his Youtube channel's name, or the fact that you think you know what you're talking about.

  19. Destin, those wet saws usually come with a shield, so you don't get soaked. Did you lose yours?

    Also, The square pattern on the bottom of the tile is there for you! You can make perfect 90 or 45 degree cuts without having to use a roofing square tool. Make your marks on the bottom and cut with the bottom side up.

  20. VsKatshuma says:


  21. Little House says:

    Thanks for the videos on helicopters. That was some really neat work to explain the three forces at work. Digressing, that wet saw looks like the 7 1/4" job from Home Depot. Aren't the tiles supposed to be cut from the other side of the plate so the water doesn't pop up on to your shirt. Thanks for the vids.

  22. Winter Bird says:

    Why are you wet? Where are the liquids coming from? (sorry I don't know much about tile cutting)

  23. Paul W says:

    OMGosh wipe the water off of your face man!

  24. To set ripping fence Make sure distance from fence to nearest tooth Equals desired length

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