The Helicopter Speed Limit – Helicopter Physics Series – #7 – Smarter Every Day 51

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34 Replies to “The Helicopter Speed Limit – Helicopter Physics Series – #7 – Smarter Every Day 51”

  1. thanks for the video

  2. Am I the only one that wishes he had spun the back rotor to make the helicopter look like a classic Atari game? xD

  3. Another episode with art, engineering and physics? Yay!

  4. Tom Davis says:

    That’s similar to red shift when looking in space right?

  5. Dave says:

    As usual I learned something new. Thanks

  6. I thought it was the Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne that was fastest ? Didn’t it get banned for being too fast ?

  7. At 2:16 – Nice take of Pleiades in the background!

  8. Keith Brown says:

    I fly helicopters but I found your video very interesting and most people don’t know about gyroscopic action being approximately 90° out of phase

  9. Abhay Patil says:

    I never thought of this. Thanks for enlighting me

  10. Astro says:

    I have watched a lot of scientists on Youtube but none radiates he energy and Enthusiasm for science as much as Destin. And this is him before Laminar flow

  11. Dolay Okana says:

    God Bless you Jesus Christ Loves Yiu

  12. I seriously want to see an in-depth episode on each topic you didn't cover especially regarding: blade hunting, semi articulated rotor heads, quadrotor choppers, rotor deflection, counterrotation vs. contrarotation. Please? I know a little about each of these subject areas but I would love to know more. Please be in-depth because you present things a very engaging manor. You really should be a teacher when you retire. Your depth of knowledge would be a boon to all those who love to learn. Also please do more on rockets as your knowledge base on this topic obviously outstrips the content you've released. Forgive me if I missed an episode where you did cover one of these topics, I just haven't had a chance to go through all of them.

  13. Matt H says:

    Nice incidental shots of the Pleiades too! 2:16 and a good few before. A beautiful Open Cluster.

  14. Can you safely hover a helicopter over a fire?

  15. Derek V says:

    String Fellow Hawk would like a word with you

  16. DJ Denney says:

    The night shots look like a Chinese dragon 😍

  17. Bob says:

    Imagine designing a helicopter main rotor blade that can effectively handle supersonic forces at its outer edges? The problem is not the centrifical force, nor the non-linearity of tensile forces on a blade that may not perfectly straight! It this age of high-tech composites, can be remedied! 🙂 (BTW! I work for beer) LOL! Thank you SED!

  18. Chris Ovrid says:

    How many calls about UFO's that night??

  19. alQ3rni 07 says:

    ألا لعنت كل نفس على هذه النفس

  20. Brian Clarke says:

    Seriously wear a helmet when flying those things. You hear about the guy in Central Park who “was” a really good Stunt RC Chopper Pilot? Yeah really sad.

  21. DYLAN says:

    Ok ik this was 8 years ago but did this guy really just say sick nasty

  22. Back in the days when he had an intro. Lol.

  23. Pete O. says:

    Most US helicopter have main rotors which rotate CCW. So, the area for RBS is on the left side of the helo. That you didn't know that means that all of your videos are BS.

    20-year Navy veteran & CFII Helo speaking, with 4000+ flight hours.

  24. Moshe Belsky says:

    its great to see some of destins earlier vids

  25. tmar23 says:

    I've seen Airwolf, so…

  26. Recon says:

    Man I can't wait until we merge biology with technology further. Imagine being able to choose to see things so beautifully at a whim.

  27. SRG Royal says:

    I work on both Blackhawks and Chinook and honestly it's amazing how fast the Chinook is I've seen them going top speed and its insane

  28. Is it due to the highest rotor speed that the chinok is the fastest, or?

  29. How about a video on auto-rotation?

  30. This is common sense to anyone with a rudimentary understand of physics

  31. So many things incorrect in his description…first, rotor blades on US helicopters spin counter clockwise, putting the retreating blade on the left. It doesn't change much else until you run out of power and need to know what pedal to push, or not push. Next, increasing pitch does not counter act dysemitry of lift, it actually creates more speed, which causes dysemitry of lift. The advancing blade flaps up, decreasing the angle of attack and lift. On the retreating blade, the blade flaps down, increasing the angle of attack which helps balance the two sides out. This is what only works up to a certain point. It is NOT a self correcting problem. The helicopter will pitch up and roll left, potentially crashing the aircraft. The stall region around the rotor hub builds and moves left. It starts on the inside because the inside of the blade is moving slower than the tip. As airspeed increases, the stall region gets bigger. Because of dysemitry of lift, you will never get close to getting blade speed to mach, which can "cause bad things to happen". But yes, the Chinook IS the fastest, because it doesn't suffer from retreating blade stall as much because of the tandem rotor.