Transit of Venus! US Space & Rocket Center – Smarter Every Day 54

Click Here to see an awesome explaination from Derek at Veritasium.
Sorry for the crude editing. Shot, edited, and uploaded in 6 hours I didn’t have! There are many ways to observe the sun without frying your eyes.

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37 Replies to “Transit of Venus! US Space & Rocket Center – Smarter Every Day 54”

  1. TheAbirato says:

    the best video ive seen lately man – subscribed and watching everything at once 😀

    greetings from Poland / Ireland 😀

  2. The day Venus passed in front of the sun was the best off life to this day, I live in Australia so on the Friday morning i woke up and went to school only I notice Venus passing in front of the sun because I'm stupid and I stared right at it, after that day I took my best girl friend to my place and that was the day off first kiss, never forgetting it, it was also the first day I saw such an amazing sight in the sky, everything was dim almost as if someone turned down the brightness on the earth

  3. I'm glad I found this channel :D. Especially interested because I live in Huntsville 😉

  4. Piarou says:

    Darn, the two of you do some cool collabs. Really liking it. DFTBA!

  5. FYI,The real distance is 149,598,000 million kilometers.So how close were you?

  6. I have no idea why this vid (and Veritasium's) didn't get more fanfare and attention, this is awesome.  Great history and science, love it.

  7. BoxJellyMan says:

    The level of enthusiasm is beyond any teacher I have ever been taught by or seen teach. My sons and I LOVE your videos. My oldest son asked me, "how does hair grow?" I couldn't find any videos to explain it on a 1st grade level.

  8. Blake Craft says:

    I think a good video would be studying the physics of rifle ballistics, specifically hand loading of the rifle ammo.  Look up "barrel harmonics" as it relates to seating depth of the bullet and "ladder tests" of people trying different powders with different burn rates and seating depths.  There is a lot going on and could be some high speed camera fun.  You will probably never see this but worth a shot! I love me some Smarter Every Day!

  9. Let's see….. I used just a Kodak EasyShare Z981 IS digital camera and a welding mask plate to capture the transit! 😀

  10. You can watch the sun directly trough the right amount of floppy disks (1,44mb, 720kb, 360kb..)

  11. Leo Lesueur says:

    This guy sharing his telescope, you da real mvp.

  12. Derek "no no, its too much for this channel.." hahahaha

  13. Oducks58 says:

    That comment made my day at 3:25 that was great. I can appreciate what he said because i live in alabama and i get comments like that a lot.

  14. Maida A says:

    The fact that Paul met Destin makes me strangely happy. Great for him!

  15. I missed it! I was not as interested in stuff like this before. I new about it the day it happened but i did not care enough to look at it, plus i did not have a telescope and it was slightly overcast.

  16. Nathan says:

    I was in Qatar when this happened. And because of the time of day (sun rise) and the fact that I was in the middle east which has a sand barrier that covers a lot of the horizon, I was able to look directly at the sun and see this without any protection. I had half the Air Force group I was working with outside looking at it too. Very awesome.

  17. King Agar says:

    ''i saw a guy with a piece of PVC and he's doing Better than you guys" TROLLOLOLOLOL

  18. Well in Toronto it was "Mostly Cloudy" on that day… (Saw Derek's video long time ago though)

  19. i live by the us space and rocket center i wish i was there to see you

  20. Sometimes I wonder how many times you have laughed at stupid stuff you did before editing and totally ruined a shot.

  21. i remember observing this phenomenon by looking at the reflection of the sun on a basin of water

  22. Side Dark says:

    I saw Derek's video where you told him that the guy who made telescope using PVC, told you how to make it. Can you please share that link to me? I wanna know how he made that. Thanks….

  23. SmarterEveryDay around 2:30 2:35 the guy with the solar filter rig with the sun and Venus in focus on the rig where can I buy or make a rig like that, the 2017 august solar eclipse is a event I am going to see and I'd love to see using a rig and filter like that, I understand that telescopes need solar filters to focus on the sun, if anyone could help me figure out what to look up for the rig I'd highly appreciate it

  24. I've been watching this video and veritasium's video by clicking his beard and in his video clicking his iPhone then came back here and click his beard again and iPhone and beard and iPhone and…

  25. BlinkyBill_ says:

    "arm pit of the world.." fu man :p

  26. Lilcon says:

    it's a magical place!

  27. BrainyBricks says:

    Gotta LOVE NASA and the amazing setup!!! They came down to SC and we got to hang with an astronaut during the total eclipse this year

  28. 3006blacktip says:

    What is the electronic gadget on the upper right hand corner

  29. Lil Fun Guy says:

    I remember this happening when I was eleven

  30. This was really interesting and your ending was fun too.

  31. Vern Black says:

    It is truly amazing to see the size comparison between Venus and our Sun! The sun is just so big

  32. Aeronautist says:

    Clicking no longer works as of November 2019 :/

  33. Roger Romero says:

    Speaking of Australia.. I’d like to see a video on the boomerang

  34. Destin sacrifices sleep to create those videos and I sacrifice sleep to watch these videos. Thanks Destin

  35. I love that this is in Huntsville

  36. jhemimeitch says:

    this quarantine made me watch this….and I enjoyed it..I can't believe that I'm watching an 8 year old vid of yours!stay safe and god bless!

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