New High Speed Camera, Road Trip & a Mousetrap Challenge | Smarter Every Day 56

One of my favorite videos from Periodic Videos!:
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Here are the specs on the new Phantom Miro!
Check out the All-Star Cast of this video:
Check out Alan Sailer’s Flickr PhotoStream for some mind bending stuff

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❓Mystery Item (just for fun):
Things I use and like:
📷Camera I use :
Favorite Lens:
On-camera Mic:
Lav Mic:
Hot shoe mount for Lav Receiver:
My Tripod:
My Multi-tool:
Favorite SD Card:
💾How I get footage off my phone:
Travel Tripod:
My Backpack:
My Headlamp:
Favorite Bidet:
World Map:
Favorite Shoes:
Everyone needs a snatchblock:
🥽Goggle Up! :

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25 Replies to “New High Speed Camera, Road Trip & a Mousetrap Challenge | Smarter Every Day 56”

  1. Skip all the bullshit , go to 6:24

  2. So THAT'S how I found Periodic Videos!

  3. Lima Romeo says:

    brady haran is tough as nails

  4. EZ says:

    Hi Destin! Im sure the chances of your seeing this comment are quite slim, but im a 14 year old from minnesota and your videos have always interested me. I love the physics and in general science side of just about everything and am highly interested in everything i see on this channel. I just want to thank you for the inspiring and interesting videos you post and wish you best of luck with everything. Anyways, have a good one.

  5. My brothers and I used to dare each other to do that with mousetraps when we were kids. We of course ended up with the same solution as your friend: we caught it in a moving arc rather than actually react to it. Somehow even as little kids we figured this out intuitively.

  6. Can someone tell me the name of that clock in Destin's room, near the right superior corner?

  7. >fundraising for college

    Oh 'Murrica

  8. so it's crystal …periodic … get it..? crystal … 😉

  9. You guys should do a super video: Smarter every day, vsauce, viheart, minute physics, veritasium and brady from numberphile…. That would be really insane!!!!

  10. Yo miro that’s how you say it

  11. gary K says:

    Cheater! His hand swipe held down the trap "bail" which prevented the trap from snapping until he moved his hand.

  12. I expect your apologie before even seeing the video.

  13. the video starts at 0:00
    you're welcome

  14. 3:24 I never though I would hear an aerospace engineer utter these words.

  15. JC says:

    LMAO! It won't break your finger! 🤣

  16. Aly Ibrahem says:

    The funny thing that am already subscribed to all of those guys 😉

  17. Cody Grasha says:

    In this video I noticed how much destin loves his job and what he is doing and it made me so happy

  18. i never would have let them just drop the package off at the front door😂

  19. Tiny Ford says:

    Back when Destin abused his influence

  20. Mark Kmiecik says:

    You should have gotten "in" the plane instead of "on" it. Much more comfortable riding inside.

  21. Maybe its calles Miró from the Spanish painter?

  22. oh man i had no idea smarter every day and numberphile were friends 😮 this is so awesome

  23. Who's watching in 2020?