Space Telescopes Maneuver like CATS – Smarter Every Day 59

August 25, 2012 by 23 Comments

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I hope you enjoyed this video. It took an all nighter to finish it before my flight to the rainforest! Awesome videos coming your way shortly!

Artist Info:
Sarah Xu, a student at the Vancouver Film School made the awesome introduction Drawing. The math is accurate!

The Music was provided by A Shell In the Pit:



Reaction Wheels.

Gauge Theory of the falling Cat:

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23 Replies to “Space Telescopes Maneuver like CATS – Smarter Every Day 59”

  1. Jeff Allen says:

    Can the ACC LAB be utilized to help with teenagers and their attitudes? Asking for a friend.

  2. peter bowden says:

    I enjoy your videos, they are both informative and entertaining. Surprised you don't know how to spell manoeuvre properly.

  3. "Okay to explain why cats are so special"


  4. Hasanur khan says:

    Chandra is Moon in Hindi language.. wondering why they r using this word

  5. Dustin was basically born at NASA

  6. The earth picture had South Pole on top and North Pole on the bottom and I have watched they a year ago

  7. always blewing my mind..👍

  8. New Jargon says:

    Wow man that is crazy. I would have not ever guessed that the magnetic field of the earth could be utilized like that. And the gyroscope is crazy too.

  9. Bschill says:

    0:19 8 years later, STILL WORKING ON IT. (No offense to your dad, obviously)

  10. Papa Legba says:


  11. YBG Games says:

    Best part of the video 4:47 the man Is actually a robot!!! 😂😂😂🦾🦾

  12. Wish there was two like buttons. You answered all the questions in my head. Thank you

  13. ArloC says:

    i love how good the quality of his videos were even in 2012

  14. ArloC says:

    flippin heck flippin cats

  15. Ahmed Salam says:

    The Accent! You managed to be universal after all

  16. C-Games says:

    7years later. James Web still not launched😂😂

  17. lann pr says:

    Is that actually his dad

  18. LARRY TAYLOR says:

    Off the wall question: Your T-shirt. Moon Valley Rockets Football. Is that from the High School on Cactus Rd?

  19. Jesus Christ is coming back soon.

  20. Pretty cool about his dad using a FARO tracker I use one almost everyday!!

  21. J Flannman says:

    Hey Destin, let me start by saying I love your channels and the topics they cover honestly make me feel like I can learn something every day. May me a silly question but where does the power for the coil in the torque rod come from?

  22. They should ask astronauts in the space station to replicate the falling cat experiment