How Bird Wings Work (Compared to Airplane Wings) – Smarter Every Day 62

October 6, 2012 by 42 Comments

To learn more click here — — To take a DEEP DIVE into how wings work!
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I hope you never look at a bird in flight the same way again. I know I won’t!

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Sarah Xu, a student at the Vancouver Film School made the awesome introduction Drawing.

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The project is led by Dr. Don Brightsmith
Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center
Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
College of Veterinary Medicine

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How Bird Wings Work – Smarter Every Day

How Wings Work — A reference for creature props

How do you clip a wing?

how to clip your birds wings (with call ducks)

Why clip feathers? An Interview of Kelly

Changing feathers while still being able to fly?

Don’t bail out! Keep going!

Biomimicking a Bird?

A robot that flies like a bird

Huge variety of feather shapes all from the same bird

Feather Structure

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42 Replies to “How Bird Wings Work (Compared to Airplane Wings) – Smarter Every Day 62”

  1. Sankar P says:

    You taughting is amazing 😎

  2. Kwachi Gamer says:

    Guys he cut the video, and took his (probably) bird…. It could be just doe fund that 80% of the comments meant that as a joke

  3. Poor bird he just wanted to be free

  4. that was two cuts

  5. throws bird like its not even real in his moms basment

  6. Logan Calapp says:

    2:34 realizes there are tons of birds in the background

  7. The bird is the engineer controlling Destin. That’s why it was hidden

  8. Joe Shamuraq says:

    Check this out:Mulk verse 19(67:19) -> Have they not looked to the birds above them spreading their wings and folding them in…

  9. I don’t know, pigeons and doves are so cute to me. Especially the roundish, soft shaped, smooth, fat ones. They give so much of the :> vibe. :>

  10. Liam Magnago says:

    Other than the need to manuver through obstacles, resulting in shorter wings, are there any other reasons why some birds flap and others don't. Can you make a video on that subject

  11. VictoSN says:

    Why does this video getting recommend to me 7 years later

  12. Jon Anderhub says:

    “There are three things that are too amazing for me,
        four that I do not understand:
    19 the way of an eagle in the sky,
        the way of a snake on a rock,
    the way of a ship on the high seas,
        and the way of a man with a young woman.

  13. "Look at this bird"….as his 3" thick engineering books blare on the screen in front of him looking at this bird. LOL! Seriously, I love your channel!

  14. awesomeE67 says:

    I like birds

  15. Hummingbirds technically use an upstroke for lift all the time

  16. Why he pull a bird out of no where

  17. gus bisbal says:

    So Destin, Explain how air pressure can pull something up. In fact, no lets go and say use pressure, any where on anything to pull something against gravity. Do it on one of your videos. Do that and I will accept your point on the Parrots. By the way vacuum is not applying pressure its removing it. It doesn't apply anything. You cannot lift with vacuum. You lift with pressure from underneath. You know against the gravity vector?

  18. Tawob Soong says:

    What about bats

  19. Nate Snacks says:

    I had a dream that a human flight suit was made with giant wings with each wing twice the size/height of the human. There were also 2 significant "insect" wings on the back of his or her suit that propelled air up and down for "lift" while in the air. There were also a "cape" that was part of the wing suit (not sure) directly under the wings and behind their legs also catching air/wind. It had a glider handle that had bike brakes that controls the flapping of the wings. In the dream, News reports went crazy. People camped out looking for a flying man with wings. Spotlights was sanctioned by the city of chicago to spot him. It was really vivid. The flyer said that buoyancy is all about air pressure and the wings creates enough to SOAR THROUGH THE AIR!!!…….Then I woke up.
    As soon as I went to youtube. This was the first video in my recommendations. The very first without ever looking birds ever on Youtube. The bird fly and look just like the flyer in my dream.

  20. Wings as greatly designed as they are not the reason why a bird are so adept at flight. The alveoli and the pneumatised bones ( which are connected to the air sacs are what makes a bird's body light and allows the bird to stay in the sir longer. It also manages the oxygen in the bird in high altitude. If an engineer were to design a flight suit based on a bird's anatomy those factors should be considered for a good start at a succesful design

  21. Awesome birds in slow motion flight. If Leonardo would have had a good slow motion camera back in his day, maybe mankind would actually be flying with individual, mechanical, bird-like wings by now. That would be great if some invented such wings now.

    As a glider, airplane, helicopter and balloon pilot and mechanic, I would love to see that happen before I die. Go for it dude!

  22. eb zheng says:

    How do bats fly?

  23. Perry C says:

    the hairstyle of your daughter's paper bird is like trump's .

  24. Wei Quan Lai says:

    Hey do you guys know actually the feather vanes also opens when it is swung in a backwards motion

  25. Moi Hoi says:

    That bird😂
    ”What u doing?? Stop, let me go”

  26. Edith Asd says:

    He was a bird in his past life

  27. Look at the bird it's adorable and it's probably wondering what is going what you doing to my wing

  28. It finally make sense afteryears

  29. tyla ben says:

    come and get your love

  30. I’m high af watching this

  31. Excellent explanation

  32. Thanks Destin, it never stops marveling me, your videos. Great man!

  33. 0:43 bird: "oh camera look cute look cute" oy vey that bird.

  34. Monica Fox says:

    the bird: I tried to scream drip but my head was under waaater!

  35. J H says:

    Please never release doves. It's cruel because they cannot survive in the wild

  36. Mike Cushman says:

    and think about this God did all that by just speaking birds into existence, because there is NO way this evolves this way

  37. joan Torres says:

    That bird looks like a snow bird and it is very pretty :>

  38. Mike Latta says:

    When yoju see the feathers on the birds back lift and you suddenly get it. I gained science wood. Sorry but I can't word it better.

  39. Jguar 1 says:

    Just pulls a bird outta no where 🤣

  40. Anuar A. says:

    Do they not look at the BIRDS, held poised in the midst of ( the air and) the sky? Nothing holds them up but ( the power) of God. Verily in this are Signs for those who believe.
    Holy Quran, chapter 16; Al Nahl ( The Bee) verse 79.