Bullet Time with MinutePhysics – Smarter Every Day 69

December 3, 2012 by 43 Comments

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Footage filmed at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

The bonfire bullet time video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-s3NTuw-To
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43 Replies to “Bullet Time with MinutePhysics – Smarter Every Day 69”

  1. MrHamof says:

    Look, There is a certain risk in democracy. No one's denying that, but it's a risk that's worth it. obviously over half the population of (most) of the major civilizations in the world agree with me.

  2. FarP321 says:

    Democracy has a few fundamental flaws which end up causing them to collapse very quickly. Usually by the head official not giving up power after their term in office is up. Historically no democracy has stayed a democracy longer than a few years before falling into a more tyrannical form of government. The other big one is mob rule "the public" does not have the ability to make important decisions.

  3. FarP321 says:

    And if you say "well America is democracy and it's been here for 237 years" your wrong because America is a republic and you can google the difference.

  4. MrHamof says:

    Norway is a democracy and it's been here for 199 years…

  5. Eugene Low says:


  6. Prion says:

    Now instead of 20 cameras use 40 so much nicer

  7. the dutohlav says:

    About the light – I think best way would be just one flash (sometimes less is more), and the same exposure setting (fixed) on all the cameras – I think It would feel more realistic as in real life there typically is only one strong source of light, darker images in some angles would not be problem as the transition from the brighter ones would be gradual – and it would feel really like one camera moving through space independent of time. Just my opinion.

  8. I think you had a little fun… 😉

  9. So this is the place that I got the Echidna song from… It's been sitting in my library and I had no idea where it came from.

  10. Ashley Haden says:

    That same Math Alive exhibit was at the Perot museum in Dallas a couple of months ago! It was awesome!!

  11. Jace Griffin says:

    Destin., you should make each camera take a picture at about a 2.5 ms difference.
    So it will look like slo-mo rather than a pause in time. (Just a thought)

  12. iinRez says:

    I would like to see someone doing a flip in that bullet time jig

  13. Anyone else been there before ???

  14. SuperStewie says:

    Bullet time is neat, but it doesn't actually show time. What if the cameras took a picture one after another, and so produced a video where each frame was shot from a different angle?

  15. Lol because I'm also watching this video at 2am

  16. SpUdMaTeTM says:

    So this is how somebody got the idea to create 360 camera rig!

  17. Hans says:

    Your indicator of direction at the pointing at the camera bit was wring way around I think…

  18. Come on… Bullet dodging pose??

  19. HARSHIT JAIN says:

    I like the music…

  20. fatsamcastle says:

    But it's not bullet time.

  21. Hapasan808 says:

    That was…pretty awesome. Especially the "Neo vs Agent Smith" shot.

  22. Olav says:

    Should have thrown one of the juggling balls and done a matrix dodge

  23. Black Hawk says:

    Haha I'm actually watching this at 2am

  24. Le Zhang says:

    hi, which software are u using?

  25. Stiofain F says:

    Man, you are so cool 🙂

  26. rhytymic says:

    headphone users Destin, headphone users

  27. rahmuss says:

    Really cool stuff. My kids would love to play there all day. Who am I kidding, I'd love to play there all day too. 😀

  28. Stefan Reich says:

    I thought they'd interpolate the images?

  29. you earned my subscription a long time ago but you recreating the matrix scene made me want to unsubscribe SO THAT I COULD SUBSCRIBE AGAIN

  30. Vidal Legend says:

    Hi, Just came across this (like 6 years later🙈)🤣 while researching to build a bullet time rig. Very much interested in the stiching software. Can you please advise? Thanks

  31. Akotski1338 says:

    Only came here because 69

  32. wesley ward says:

    Man I could have done a backflip in it

  33. Smarter everyday 69…

  34. Mary Lagua says:

    A lot of cameras.

  35. Jacob Crosby says:

    Just two grown men being adults…. 🤣 I LOVE IT!