Launching a German Glider – Smarter Every Day 75

December 28, 2012 by 42 Comments

This may not get 1M views, but I really enjoyed it! I never knew launching with winches happened. It felt amazing!
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42 Replies to “Launching a German Glider – Smarter Every Day 75”

  1. I am a german glider pilot and for me, it is everyday life! Who is here 2019?

  2. Holy Cow says:

    Lol, that's funny, I have once benn cycling past this airfield and instantly remember it… It's the glider airfield of Rheinstetten…

  3. Brandon Tran says:

    I lived in Germany in 1995 I was fortunate enough to get a glider ride in Kitzingen. It was such a great experience. Germany is beautiful and it was amazing to see it from a glider. I miss that place.

  4. Superphilipp says:

    Disco Stu …. flies a glider with _you_!

  5. Konrad says:

    Just wondering.. are gliders a German thing?

  6. Germans are some of the greatest people, change my mind. (Well, except for… you know.)

  7. Why don’t they just get a giant hand to throw it?

  8. TorA says:

    Omg I had that exact book lol

  9. Dimetime35c says:

    In a sense that's the same as a cat shot off an aircraft carrier. Just at a much slower speed.

  10. is the cabin pressurized

  11. nic12g says:

    common youtuber: beef with gf- 30 min vid
    SmarterEveryDay: flies to fookin germany to showcase something students work on- 6 min
    i really love this channel and woould love longer vids… but then again i really like how compact and on the point these are.

  12. Vincent Law says:

    These plains are amazing, had the chance to sit in one of these.

  13. J.o.h.n says:

    Ach des war Karlsruhe

  14. DB Thats-Me says:

    I am surprised/impressed with the lack of wing deflection as shown by the wingtip cam. Winch launches impose large wing loadings, to the the extent the indicated speed to fly has to be closely monitored and maintained.
    I was expecting more ‘bend’. Oh well, smarter every day. 👍

  15. Alex says:

    Hey, AKAFLIEG…I am a member of them and got my sailplane-, UL licence and PPL there

  16. I have been in a glider in my air cadets

  17. Jordan says:

    This is how you make your vacation to Germany a tax write off.

  18. How did the cameras not mess up the airfoil???

  19. NPC says:

    "is it tradition to wear this hat in gliders or…" I'm surprised they let you fly without shorts

  20. Nein das ist daichland!

  21. Beng Per says:

    German gliding is so similar to British gliding you'd think they have the same laws of Physics…

  22. Comrade Bear says:

    I don't approve if it is not a Me 163 or Me 321

  23. OMFG this is my hometown!! been a huge fan for a while know! have you seen the castle?

  24. screeny30 says:

    ok…. I've been following your channel for years now…. but never saw this video since tody (thanks youtube algorithm)
    and today, I saw a video of yours, flying in a glider in MY FREAKIN HOMETOWN !!!11
    OMG, you've been here 7 years ago and I didn't even know 😀 well, back in these I didn't know about you either, but I don't care ^^
    you have been in my hometown and even made a video about it 😀 so cool
    next time you come here, message me 😛

  25. Moja says:

    I live 10 mins from that airfield lol

  26. Nice Video!👍👍👍
    What about Part 2 ? Gliding includes so much more cool stuff to explain..
    I woluld vollunter as translator in case you need some.

  27. Ryker Edits says:

    “So In 5th Grade”
    Me: Was Only 2 When This Video Was Uploaded

  28. Similar to the V1 and V2 rockets of WW2

  29. Bob Stickman says:

    Pretty confused, thought gliders were a world wide thing.

  30. best paper air planes are just a loop of paper

  31. Well Destin, this is about 7 years late, but I have that exact same world map that you’ve got behind you.

  32. Goran Hajduk says:

    German gliders? Just ask for my belgian friend 😂

  33. That thermal power plant must have problems with off the wall glider pilots flying over the cooling towers for a thermal boost.

  34. 5Andysalive says:

    This was before his blue phase?

  35. Mary Lagua says:

    Ooh!! I would not fly with that plane.

  36. fremd Scham ist da wenn man ein deutschen englisch sprechen hört

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