Why Astronauts left a reflector on the Moon! (ft. MinutePhysics) – Smarter Every Day 73

December 13, 2012 by 36 Comments

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36 Replies to “Why Astronauts left a reflector on the Moon! (ft. MinutePhysics) – Smarter Every Day 73”

  1. Many years back, I read somewhere that astronauts had left a reflector on the moon surface (also mentioned in "Big Bang Theory"). But I did not understand how they were able to reflect back the beams (sent to them from earth) to the same point. Now I understand how (atleast sort of..).. thanks a lot.

  2. Epix says:

    5:15 this is cursed

  3. Pinto Bean says:

    Talk about a fun house! Had a device of round mirrors and when you put a candle in front or behind the flame would seem to go on and on forever hence the name infinity mirror! It was also a mirror you can see through so the trick can work very cool

  4. Laithe Allen says:

    Ah yes hit a mirror with a laser without protecting glasses on 😂😂😂

  5. Delsanar says:

    I think they're called retroreflectors.

  6. good boi says:

    Thanks to this guy for going to the moon making a base and going to the bathroom for this video

  7. NovoBrasil says:

    Do ppl still believe astronauts went to the moon??? rolmao lololol…The moon is just a light source and used as a sign

  8. The moon is just a reflection of earth, crazy people.

  9. You’re always in he center because the two mirrors are 45 degrees apart. I think primes become divergent In a similar way.

  10. Preston King says:

    I cite these mirror "suitcases" whenever someone tries to tell me the moon landings were faked.

  11. Grey Gibson says:

    In the 1967 war, the USS LIBERTY had a moon antenna labeled as such in photos. To get a tight microwave beam reflection from the moon, you have to know where to look. Retroreflectors from Surveyor landings. It wasn't bragged about because it was a secret radio program.

  12. OMG u made a vid in germany frankfurt i live in frankfurt and im a big fan hope i somewhen meet u. Mach weiter so mega geiler content.

  13. I love not only the quality of the content but also the quality of the collaboration. That stuff aint easy to do.

  14. I explain the moon reflectors to moon landing conspiracy people laughing at them the whole time.

  15. Range Ryder says:

    how do moon hoax people explain this?

  16. Ads are turds. I WATCH THEM FOR YOU, DES.

  17. Faran Ahmad says:

    Who tf have this much mirrors in toilet

  18. Guy in bathroom with a video camera talking to himself.. would be an awkward moment to walk in on.
    Yohan would show up with his laser and count the steps.

  19. Turtle Stew_ says:

    anyone else get assigned to watch this?

  20. Edwin Dude says:

    Why do you wash your hands after taking a bath ? I wash my hands after taking a dump, in the toilet.

  21. 💩💩💩
    In YOUR mind i pooped

  22. John Fulghum says:

    Anyone confused how you hit a road reflector with a lawn mower

  23. Greg Lialios says:

    If I point my laser at the moon will my cat jump to it?

  24. He found where they filmed the moon landing

  25. Yahia Ahmad says:

    0:20 Hands down that is the coolest thing in the world

  26. GigaNova says:

    this is awesome! too bad the moon ain't real and the earth is flat.

  27. Alex Person says:

    Little did the comment section know there is a virus 6 years later

  28. Valentin L says:

    that was so interesting!

  29. 4ttyr says:

    4:01 pretty bold assumption to assume light travels in every direction with the same speed 😛

  30. anyone else here after Derek's video about the two way speed of light? Cause it has made me think about this video in a completely different way.

  31. scott walker says:

    well i dont think they did leave anything there, you do know if you bounce a laser off the moons surface it gets bounced back, you dont need a relfector….pfftttt

  32. lin ge says:

    acciedentailly saying johan as rohan you will here rohan seeennnnssiieeeeee from joske