True Facts About Morgan Freeman

January 11, 2013 by 37 Comments

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37 Replies to “True Facts About Morgan Freeman”

  1. 純ジュン says:

    Wait a sec……I can't seem to find Morgan Freeman in my biology textbook

  2. Jesus Christ says:

    Does anyone know where this field of kittens is, or is there just a field full of dead babies somewhere?

  3. Please make a remaster

  4. Sue Castillo says:

    Cuz that’s what Morgan Freeman do…

  5. I will no longer look at Morgan Freeman in the same way again. From now on, when I see or hear his name it is your voice I will hear in my head, complete with puffy kittens and nature videos. You have changed my day, thank you for that!! LOL !

  6. I remember watching this in high school during my creative writing class

  7. Jake Kirby says:

    Oh my god someday people will find this and think we had a religion around Morgan Freeman

  8. Morgan Freeman is truly immortal. He will be remembered and praised long after he leaves this simple world and ascends. Morgan Freeman as we see him is only the best our simple minds can interpret his true form is above our simple understanding.

  9. Jeff Reis says:

    This is the best thing ive seen all year

  10. Toaster_Time says:

    I can't imagine a young Morgan Freeman

  11. Dani Butler says:

    Dam I just stumbled upon this in 2020, this still holds up today. Thank you for the laughs.

  12. That totally make sense. Morgan Freeman and Chuck Norris are of the same species

  13. I wonder if Morgan Freeman has actually seen this, and if he has, what he would say about it ?

  14. this is a religion i could get behind

  15. 2012listo says:

    Dude… dude. Dude. Dude? Dude! DUDE! dood.

  16. A - says:

    Morgan Freeman is the Beginning and the End. The Alpha and the Omega. Morgan Freeman ís God.

  17. I saw morgan freeman in a dream once. He was narrating the drea.

  18. Shane M says:

    Chuck Norris wasn't born, he was narrated into existence by Morgan Freeman.

  19. Thomas Engle says:

    In conclusion : Morgan Freeman.

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 nice

  21. 😂😂😂😂 🤦🏾‍♀️

  22. Dude, this is your magnum opus . Thank you.

  23. JeepinBoon says:

    No comment is worthy and no thumbs are worthy. Mississippi man wins all.

  24. I knew about the babies in fields full of kittens because it's where I got my kid! But had NO idea about the penguins! I was wondering where those things came from!

  25. Tiger Lily says:

    Morgan Freeman is Jesus

  26. I would like to watch this video, with Morgan Freeman.

  27. UC523 says:

    all hail morgan freean

  28. Carp says:

    Trigger warning su/c/de

    The fact this video genuinely helped me get over my suicidal thoughts is both hilarious and terrifying to me

  29. "Penguins didnt exist until Morgan Freeman made that movie" things we should be learning at school

  30. Why is this so funny it’s like he’s a God

  31. Robotaus says:

    Do one of George Taekae

  32. Marc Vegas15 says:

    Everytime I am faced with a difficult decision in life I ask myself, "What wouldn't Morgan Freeman do?"

  33. REHAN KHAN says:

    So the narrator isn't Morgan Freeman?!

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