SLOW Motion Butterfly Puddling – Smarter Every Day 80

February 2, 2013 by 35 Comments

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Read more about Puddling, Butterfly spermatophores, etc. here:
The camera we used is the Phantom Miro 320S
The footage we obtained was incredible. I’ll demonstrate that in upcoming videos.

Thanks to Rainforest Expeditions for inviting me down, if you’d like to go down to the Amazon Rainforest and see all of this for yourself check them out at

Here’s a butterfly post they made:

Music: Pondskipper by Tall Cans. Download here:
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by A Shell in the Pit:

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35 Replies to “SLOW Motion Butterfly Puddling – Smarter Every Day 80”

  1. Noacceptance says:

    Jesus Christ, your entomologist friend is HOT! fans self

  2. Melanie Bui says:

    2:18 the blue one:"am i on video?"

  3. Please tell me that jar isnt full of your baby juice..

  4. RockyVideos says:

    Beautiful butterflies:-)

  5. fusionstream says:

    dude. that jar of "spermataphores" is disgusting.

  6. I think we saw a whole new side of Destin..

  7. DismantIed says:

    I really admired the single darker colored butterfly in the corner of the shot. That was a good addition.

  8. Anyone else noticed that the wings of the butterfly moved similarly to the wing of a dragon fly only less motion in the back wings? I was watching 1 of Em and I saw that the same wave motion the dragonfly does happened only lies of the curvature

  9. kie wie says:

    how do you fertilise your wife?

  10. Honestly never thought I'd ever witness a 'birds and bees' talk, let alone a 'humans and butterflies'…
    Getting smarter every day!

  11. Nelson Pena says:

    so butterflies can use vigors?

  12. BurntDj says:

    i was waiting for him to say "this is a jar of milk by the way"

  13. wow it's crazy how far you've come! keep up the good work Love your vids !

  14. Ranbir Kaur says:

    Your choice of Music is great! The clips of course too

  15. rodney adams says:

    50 years ago if said butterfly and puddling. no know what talking about

  16. I found a beautiful blue and black butterfly 🦋

  17. Henry O'Hara says:

    I hope that wasn't his sperm.

  18. Graem Bigno says:

    2:26 why dose the butterfly look like paper?

  19. kondomonster says:

    That was cool. I'm an animator. I used to think that butterflies flew ungracefully. They looked like they just flopped around in the air. But when you look at the video, while they're not as graceful as a bird, there is a nice flow to their movement.

  20. Daniel Gee says:

    I thought this video was titled butterfly pudding

  21. veganmo says:

    Phil practices Jiu jitsu!

  22. Why would she think "its a jar of salt water"?

  23. zoozybooz says:

    2:17 "hayyyyyyy gurl how ya Doin?"

  24. Aiden Schenk says:

    He says swimmy things but it’s sperm what you call it and you were once a sperm then you and the other sperm went into a egg inside the mother and over the time the development of you starts

  25. This guy made this video just to say he busts loads in his wife

  26. Hey Ya! says:

    Who’s the hot guy/

  27. when i fertilise my wife sounds weirder the if you just say the real thing i feel like destin is a new man to me

  28. 0:00 I’ve said this before, but this reminds me SO much of Mythbusters

  29. Zoe Hartsock says:

    I never thought I would hear you say fertilizing my wife

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