True Facts About The Mantis

February 15, 2013 by 40 Comments
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Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission
Photos Licensed by: (titles and authors in order of appearance)

European mantis. Empusa pennata
A.S. Floro/

A spiny flower mantis is sitting on a rolled leaf.
Cathy Keifer/

A Ghost mantis nymph is sitting on a branch.
Cathy Keifer/

Empusa fasciata mantis
Mikhail Melnikov/

Praying Mantis. on white background

A Thai green mantis is posing for a portrait.
Cathy Keifer/

praying mantis staring back with leg in mouth. In the act of grooming
Paul Looyen/

Praying Mantis head shot taken with a Macro lens
Jim Vallee/

A thai green mantis nymph is putting his front foot on a cricket that is too big to eat.
Cathy Keifer/

A Chinese mantis nymph is eating a cricket while standing on a leaf.
Cathy Keifer/

A macro shot of an Australian Praying Mantis eating a cricket
Johan Larson/

Praying Mantis eating a Monarch Butterfly on purple flowers
Steve Byland/

A praying mantis sees a grasshopper and is surprised.
Cathy Keifer/

Face Off! CC BY 2.0

Mantis vs Hummingbird, Rematched CC BY 2.0

Praying mantis mating and eating
Horia Bogdan/

Marek Velechovsky/

Two female praying mantis fighting
Richard Fellinger/Picture Press/Getty

A mantis while eating her mate

Mantis nymphs are being born from an egg case. They emerge attached to a tiny silk line.
Cathy Keifer/

Mantis nymphs are emerging from an egg case after incubating for about 5 weeks.
Cathy Keifer/

Extreme macro shot of a Praying mantis
Cre8tive Images/

Praying Mantis
Erhan Dayi/

Portrait of the Praying Mantis close-up 1:1 isolated on wite
Evgeniy Ayupov/

Female Praying Mantis, Rhombodera Basalis, in front of white background
Eric Isselee/

Mantis on the rock
M. Khebra/

Green mantis eats a grasshopper
Kristina Postnikova/

Green mantis eats a grasshopper
Kristina Postnikova/


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40 Replies to “True Facts About The Mantis”

  1. These things are delicious 😋 dipped in white chocolate 🍫, with a light sprinkle of crushed pretzels and sea salt.

  2. I've gotta say, I watch YouTube for conspiracy theories, horror, and true crime. But true facts is my favorite channel of all, that and maybe Shea St.John.

  3. Looking up tennis porn.

  4. Came to this video thinking it was going to actually give me some facts. Oh boy was i wrong

  5. Manetinaj says:

    "Stay alive, or get laid."
    I feel like that's how the world is gonna be in a few decades..

  6. They are really adorable to me. When you talk to them they actually look you straight in your eyes most of the time and they do that cute wobble movement to aid their depth perception. Also young mantises (at like the second molt) are extremely fast and they can run up your whole arm before you know what's happening. They would never harm you though and also they eat annoying insects like flies pretty early on in their life cycle and even wasps when they're fully grown. I love them.

  7. Was waiting for you to say how when mantids are born they exhibit brotherly love by eating their brothers and sisters

  8. And finally the can talk…


  10. Love the ladybug comment…you sissies lol

  11. Dragomare Zz says:

    Stay alive or get laid that is the question

  12. "In all the kingdom of the living, there is no more deadly or voracious creature than the Praying Mantis."

    – William Hopper, "The Deadly Mantis" (1957)

  13. what kinda outta touch moron dislikes this video?

  14. Furio says:

    I watched a praying mantis catch and dismember and eat several butterflies

  15. Many species not many types, it's cool that they fit the profile of aliens encountered by earthlings of this planet, hehheh.

  16. Kira Lis39 says:

    а я его палочкой с тротуара недавно сдвигал -_-"
    так он меня сожрать мог?! -_-"

  17. These used to be more suitable for children and families , now its kinda getting perverted like everything else …

  18. Are you stoned?


  19. ChaKu says:

    Hello People! I've made a short documentary on the Praying Mantis(covering all facts in 6 minutes) . Do check it out:

    If you liked my video, do like, comment, subscribe and share max.

  20. True facts? What other kind of facts are there?

  21. 2:22 OOooo so that is the Egg …..I just thought that it's a poopies, there is a lot of them on my door…..okay I will take care of it

  22. I saw a very large one fly almost 300 yards and it got about 70 feet in the air I was amazed

  23. This video had helped me go through the day, thanks!

  24. ZE: "… came out of a nightmare that farted too aggressively…"

    ME: 😂🤣😅😆😂🤣😃!

  25. I think mantis are cute, and brave as, you bother a mantis and it will try to strike you down.

  26. V Sand says:

    I have Mantis egg pouches all over my retaining walls. I had no idea what they were until today.

  27. I once found a brown Mantis about half the size of my arm last year (I'm 25 6 foot 3 inch), and the fucking thing could still fly. Most unnerving bug I've ever seen. I've found one about as small as my finger nail, I can only assume it was a baby.

  28. Schäfer says:

    I had a pet orchid mantis and sometimes he just held his flies with one claw whilr eating it like a sandwich and sometimes looking at other shit

    It just looked hilarious

  29. Eric Brown says:

    As freaky and aggressive as they are in nature they are amazingly friendly with people, I've had them sit on my hand many times, they are not scared and they are not aggressive?

  30. Sislertx says:

    I found one mantis in my.yard and i am still bragging.about it two years later.

  31. Sean Nash says:

    One of your better clips Mr. Frank.
    Very good work. Very entertaining and creative.

  32. You need to make a Movie with live mantis and do their voices

  33. I want to cut out sheets of metal from soda cans and shit and give a mantis armor. Just cuz

  34. Tim Billings says:

    Cool I never knew they had 5 eyes!!!