How to get Ants to carry a sign – Smarter Every Day 92

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31 Replies to “How to get Ants to carry a sign – Smarter Every Day 92”

  1. Man, ants are just so cool in so many ways!

  2. oropendola is amazing was in the south american jungle in peru

  3. Nishant Raj says:

    Why are they cutting leaves?

  4. I wonder if you are standing at the colony outside Mayuna lodge downstream from Iquitos? looks like it..

  5. Someone said to me the other day that it’s a principle of nature that you’ve got to be selfish to survive. A lot of people think this. RUBBISH!! Altruism and co-operation are ESSENTIAL to survival, as these ants demonstrate so nicely. 🐜🐜🐜💖 p.s. is that Reepicheep the Mouse, on your screen at the end?

  6. Max Big says:

    When the whole video is about the thumbnail

  7. D Marzio says:

    How did they learn that pee is salty?

  8. E. A says:

    Well, even without watching the video the answer is food :/

  9. rhuttrho88 says:

    I know! I know! You put sugar on it!!! Let me watch and 👀.Edit: oh, pee.😔

  10. Looft says:

    Has this been patched in 2020?

  11. CUB1C says:

    Ant carrying the sign – " Why tf is this journey home taking so long"

  12. Love that he hasn't changed even tho he's literally been on a nuclear sub.

  13. or do it in the after effect 😀

  14. Wojciech D says:

    Every other person when they want to get sodium onto paper: "Well I just dipped into some salt water"
    Destin: "I peed on it!"

  15. damian says:

    Should have used green paper to greenscreen it. 😂

  16. tim tubby says:

    the bugs man!!!! what if thay become helpers???? like birds

  17. tim tubby says:


  18. MJ R says:

    that's what I'm curious about

  19. JPro says:

    0:32 Destin: “But before I show you how we did this-“

    Me: By golly we’re going to see him pee on the paper

  20. Could you not just wipe up your sweat? Lol…

  21. Thanks for this. Was wondering how you'd done it when I first saw it.

  22. B1ind B1ake says:

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this is by far the most awesome channel on YouTube. It's my favorite 😀 I don't live far from you Destin. I would love to meet you sometime. It would be so awesome to learn from you in person 😊

  23. The ants look stupid, they must watch SmarterEveryDay!!!!

  24. The ants look stupid, they must watch SmarterEveryDay!!!!

  25. The one says:

    So technically antman controlled those leaf cutter ants while cutting the wires by …….. Yeah….

  26. qaannat says:

    you guys have got way too much time on your hands, lol

  27. ozzyg82 says:

    I knew it! Moral of the story: pee on things to make it happen.

  28. John says:

    That was flipping awesome I wish I could find more content on Ants!