What we’ve learned in 100 Episodes – Smarter Every Day 100!!

September 15, 2013 by 21 Comments

Look at all we learned together!
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Sean Farbolin
Brian McManus
Dhruv Joshi
Ben Lloyd
Justin Wilkes
Arthur Scott
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21 Replies to “What we’ve learned in 100 Episodes – Smarter Every Day 100!!”

  1. Random GFY says:

    “D-don’t bite me” AHAHAH

  2. My favourite video was the vortex rings colliding. Then the Prince Ruperts drop.

  3. mark vimcent says:

    my favorite episode is easily the kangaroo pouch hahahahaha

  4. RandoNoLogic says:

    6:05 that fly was like "wtf?"

  5. Tish Perez says:

    BIG THUMBS UP FOR YOU! I LOVE WATCHING THESE VIDEOS! I dont remember my first video I watched but I was intrested in the Tesla guns!!! And the grain bins! Who knew!! Every one that I have seen has been intresting and so well explained!! And a wonderful wonderful bonus is the bible verses at the end! I love that and the connection to the video!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  6. Earl Arthur says:

    First one I ever saw was NOT in your first 100, but was the backwards bicycle episode. AMAZING. My favorite episodes are the ones that you are shooting guns pretty much. AND the fact you are wearing a tshirt from my High School in Richland Washington. GO BOMBERS!!!

  7. what’s that weird drone/helicopter thing that flips around defying physics? lol never seen that episode trying to find it

  8. Taeck salo says:

    my first one was the episode about lamitar flow
    my favorite? i do not know there are so many nice and interesting episodes i love them all
    thank you
    please keep going

  9. Your videos are refreshing and inspiring..! Thank you.

  10. most definitely "OPERATION ROCKET"!

  11. hey man, Johnny here. I've been a SmarterEveryDay addict for years. but since my boy, Gauge (4yrs) has started school, I've noticed his mind is growing every second and he's drawn to anything in motion. which has triggered a renewed love for ALL of your videos and produced a drive to share with him daily exploration, experimentation, and anything that will add to our knowledge banks, all for the ability of getting smarter everyday ! thanks man.

  12. What favorite video? there is NO FAVORITE video because ALL and EVERY video you've made , made me smarter somehow…. i'm half way through "SmarterEveryDay in order " playlist (141 videos)… I started this "Sunday video marathon" because i was mind blown by every video I've seen in the past and i just wanted to be sure i don't miss anything , Man…You're my inspiring hero… Lots of love from me and my 5 children

  13. Pedro Lopez says:

    There’s always a new episode I haven’t watched that came out YEARS before I even watched it. This channel is great

  14. David Sauer says:

    The first one I saw your son had a drone lost in a tree and you found it by sound. My favorite was the ride in the fighter jet with too many Gs.


  15. My favorite video is all of yours because u made these awesome videos

  16. Violet Hall says:

    my fist one was backwards bike

  17. Wow, who’s here in 2020

  18. How Houdini died with a punch was my first video. And I feel like every next video I watch is my favorite one.

  19. Cade Miller says:

    At the beginning that cat was extremely scared

  20. Mathematician be like: OMG IT'S EPISODE 100 FACTORIAL FACTORIAL!?

    Just in case ya' didn't get it, factorial of n is (n)(n-1)(n-2)(n-3)… ×3×2×1
    3! = 3×2×1= 6

    Yeah you read a maths comment till the end. wOw.

  21. Dominic Homm says:

    Hey Destin would you adopt me pls? I‘m 20 just need food and Internet so it‘s easy for you