Beatboxing in Slow Motion – Smarter Every Day 109

January 15, 2014 by 35 Comments

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My favorite Flula Video:

It’s pretty clear to me that Flula is misunderstood. His content is very intelligent and he consistently puts out clever, unique, and interesting content so I decided to contact him and see if he was willing meet up. I’d love to see him be successful.

All slow motion sound design and Audio Engineering was done by Gordon McGladdery of “A Shell In the Pit”. He designed all the slow motion lip warble sounds from scratch.

I shot Flula’s lips at 1,500 Frames per second with a Phantom MIRO LC320S made by Vision Research:

The sine wave and square wave graphic was designed by Will Leahy
He has a website, but there’s nothing there: He’s working on it.

The technical sound data was fact checked by: I said some things wrong initially. I confused “Additive Synthesis” and Filtering. Gordon McGladdery and these guys got me back on track.
Gary Bourgeois
Timothy McGuinness –

“Timbre” is basically the wastebasket that Audio Engineers throw all the stuff that they don’t really know how to categorize into anything else. It’s the “color” of the sound. Take a minute and read about it:

Spectrograms are created by a math operation known as a Fourier Transform. If you don’t know what a FFT is, you really should. Read a bit about shifting stuff from the time to the frequency domain.

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You know Gordon’s music by now. It’s all good.

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35 Replies to “Beatboxing in Slow Motion – Smarter Every Day 109”

  1. Sandip Dey says:

    I am a beatboxer but that looks fckng disgusting

  2. Laljiahir 5 says:

    Great talent
    But un fortunately i don't like that songs/music/noise


  4. Who had their gross face ON?

  5. j says:

    Germans: "Sings like sat"

  6. j says:

    Whenever I see this slomo videos I imagine the dude that makes the audio

  7. L_0 says:

    This is funny😂

  8. Bharath says:

    This might be the only education channel I like

  9. The audio design on this video is sensational! (especially knowing how you achieve those sort of results lol)

  10. Zoe Hartsock says:

    I think beatboxing is the most irritating thing on earth but this is fascinating

  11. Mr. Spaha says:

    This video has a little taste of yoghurt

  12. 2:56 😂😂😂. I am a beatboxer and I never thought of this.


  14. I press this because of the thumbnail lol

  15. Diego Loja says:

    Is interesly weird and amazing

  16. bosscarnage4 says:

    He sounds like the medic but younger

  17. Imma just say this at the off chance you guys are here…swissbeatbox fam?

  18. What I'm seeing is that his lips act as a tongue

  19. Scott Garmon says:

    look closely, the mans lips has lips.

  20. Memo Rios says:

    Flash back to that day at night in bed oh lord

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