Gigabyte G1.Sniper A88X Motherboard

To all the complainers about how many audio product videos we’ve done lately: Here is a flashy-pants gaming oriented motherboard for ya! You happy? 😀

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24 Replies to “Gigabyte G1.Sniper A88X Motherboard”

  1. Krazi Gamin says:

    I`ve got one on my custom built pc fucking ace

  2. apu's are great value for what they offer all things considered the just really need fast ram like 1866+ with that your golden but any slower and it's not great ( trust me I know)

  3. Zero necker says:

    I would rather have the MSi A88X-G45 with a lot more features.

  4. Zer0TheScout says:

    This motherboard enter in a cooler master atx k380? whit powersuply Cooler master thunder 500v 12cm

  5. Adam Gardner says:

    What's up. The video is so oice wound motionless What's your opinion about that, guys !!

  6. yeaharghh says:

    Will a fx 6300 be good for this? This mobo is amazing looking so i hope it is. Also if it is will i be able to over clock the 6300?

  7. It's Support SLi ?

  8. Scarface says:

    is there a 1151 version of this

  9. Will this work on the h440 case please reply

  10. Ronald Matos says:

    who's better between Gigabyte G1.Sniper, Asrock FM2A88X+ Fatal1ty and Asus A88x PRO?

  11. Anita Woody says:

    Will this board work with an Intel I7-7700k?

  12. Kevin Nauris says:

    what kind of graphics card can I use on this board in 2018? can u suggest any?please

  13. Napo says:

    this seemed rushed

  14. DPGaming says:

    Damn really do be like that, I’m just here trying to overclock my shitty not overclockable motherboard that I bought two years ago when I had know idea about computers and now I have to watch this video to then realize even tho it’s the same motherboard mine doesn’t let me oc and now I’m pissed so I’m writing this in the comments but it’s ok cause no one will ever see this cause the video is 4 years old.

  15. Alen20649 says:

    I bought this off from a friend last year, after running a Micro-ATX DDR2 2GB ram with a Dual core 2ghz processor. This is a huge improvement, and to find this video on LTT is awesome 😀

  16. WarLou says:

    Good day sir, do you have code beeps for this motherboard ? much better if there is sound beep codes for better understanding (y)

  17. Ghost Shadow says:

    my computer case has no windows/viewports so I don't see MB or other components in the case, really stupid how most new motherboards/video cards/ memory have LED lighting…

  18. I cant find this board on internet, linus help!

  19. buying this on 2020

  20. Will it support the hyper fury memory???

  21. boike boike says:

    i've got this motherboard in my pc should i get a new one (low budget build)

  22. Does it support nvme ssd? Nohe