LGR – Porta Pi Desktop Arcade Cabinet

August 18, 2014 by 44 Comments

Overview and demonstration of the PortaPi miniature arcade cabinet. Powered by a Raspberry Pi and luscious woodgrain!

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44 Replies to “LGR – Porta Pi Desktop Arcade Cabinet”

  1. VDub1985 says:

    Your shirt is so awesome!

  2. Where do u find the ROMs to upload? And how do U upload them? Beginner here…

  3. its cool but ….for $390 i could get a decent modern laptop and install any emulators but also play robo craft/other modern games to
    ….this is another instance where im to pragmatic for my own good and cant have really fun stuff cuz im an ass hole to myself

  4. I'd LOVE to have this, but money is still a thing I guess xDD

  5. Hipster Bubz says:

    my grandpa made sculptures out of wood

  6. Time to build a Mini Polybius

  7. justincc87 says:

    I lost my mind when Passport.mid started playing!!!!

  8. This is cool, but a version large enough to hold a CRT is needed for me to buy :-

  9. I wonder where he got the ROMs from?

  10. Hugo says:

    I'm watching your videos from time to time, specially the Odd Ware. I just love them.
    This project is just fantastic.
    The games, and that tec tec tec sound of the buttons is great.

  11. RUROH RERARD says:

    whats that song called

  12. elton badham says:

    Wood grane nice

  13. exador1337 says:

    the input lag on 1942 looked horrible…

  14. DuecePiece says:

    Trying to find where to buy one prebuilt. I have a Pi to use in it but dont have a soldering gun nor experience with one. I'll most likely have to search endlessly to find one assembled 😂

  15. Blind Bald says:

    F*cking awesome t-shirt

  16. Brian RuleZ says:

    I am working on a similar Project don't wanna give away to much but let's just say I am wanting to build a Time Machine for my little sis… Thank You for this vid Yo!!!

  17. Steven Oman says:

    Where can I get that shirt??

  18. Wiley M says:

    I had this video playing in the background for noise. All of a sudden I hear the intro "melody" for 1942 and I knew instantly what game it was without knowing what was going on. That song still haunts my dreams, its repetitive and its on EVERY LEVEL

  19. make a custom case to hold all the motherboards of all the playstation consoles. ps1/ps2/ps3 and ps4. one box, all original hardware.

  20. Happy Lyfe says:

    How do you BUY the parts (Bates) Website it does Not allow U to CART it or PAY for it 🤔

  21. Game Master says:

    This is so cool!
    id play gba games on this!

  22. Matthew W. says:

    Does the preassembled one come with the Pi?

  23. Andy Frost says:

    I might just have to buy this. It looks really cool.

  24. Ari says:

    my uncle took a porta pi from the side of the highway a few weeks ago

  25. Hosgoth 1 says:

    lookin' sharp……

  26. Hosgoth 1 says:

    xtra plexi with rounded edges…..great call

  27. Hosgoth 1 says:

    maybe some kind of cool cover over the overhead

  28. Honestly, it is collectable more than playable. It's too small even for me as an Asian.

  29. razeel says:

    Yes, this video is years almost five years old but I just need to get this of my chest or I won't sleep tonight:
    To me, it seems to be made of beech plywood, not birch or oak. It is quite well visible in the closeup of the back where you showed the R-Pi. Sorry for nitpicking. I really like your videos, Clint. Keep them coming! 🙂
    EDIT: I might have been wrong. The front looks a bit different, and birch is definitely a possibility. Sorry if I caused irritation. It was not my intention.

  30. Alan L says:

    waay too expensive for what it is, you can make one without patterns for less than 100

  31. Now if only we could get a tutorial on how to get the roms…

  32. DirtyHairy1 says:

    Hah now I know where the woodgrain fetish comes from, it's a father figure 😉

  33. stoeger 2 says:

    I'd probably put recalbox on it

  34. no wood chip grain?

  35. Robert Deal says:

    Still cool in 2019

  36. Man i wonder how cheap you could have bought an arcade video game box, a few years ago.

  37. 4:00 "Everyone liked that"

  38. wmcdougald says:

    This comment is super late, but those appear to be HAPP style buttons, the holes of which are not the same size as Japanese Sanwa/Seimitsu parts.

  39. Looks like Sanwa parts to me, could also be Hpri. You're right about people being super picky with arcade parts, im a Sanwa fanboy, but you can also go Seimitsu or Hori.

  40. Now run doom in an ATM machine

  41. In general its crap, but it looks nice and the idea is good. Did you put a pi4 and a decent screen in now?

  42. Alexander Ip says:

    the games I would play on this would be Math Blaster series

    Math Blaster Episode 1,
    Math Blaster Episode 2
    Math Blaster Pre-Algebra
    Math Blaster Jr,
    Mega Math Blaster,
    Math Blaster ages 9-12
    Math Blaster ages 5-7
    Math Blaster ages 6-8
    Math Blaster ages 8-9
    Math Blaster Algebra