DDR4 vs DDR3 – Apples to Apples Comparison

September 17, 2014 by 26 Comments

DDR4 is a pretty hot discussion topic right now, and we became curious… can you expect to see a tangible performance benefit from running DDR4 compared to DDR3, keeping all other variables as close to the same as possible?

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26 Replies to “DDR4 vs DDR3 – Apples to Apples Comparison”

  1. scott yd says:

    I like yellow Apples.

  2. Fru Jet says:

    Ddr4 is important and relevant in servers

  3. GavinArcade8 says:

    This is a relief. I just got ddr3 for my 4 core.

  4. Single Chanel DDR4 isn’t much faster than dual channel DDR3 – what if they were both in same mode?

  5. 2020 anyone? waiting for ddr5?

  6. eurosonly says:

    Still using ddr3 with a sandy bridge i5 and a gtx 1060 6gb in 2020 here.

  7. watching this 6 years later makes triple digit Cinebench R15 multicore results look so pathetic.

  8. Check out them eyebrows linus lmao it's almost connected

  9. I was worried about whether I should wait for ddr5 to come out before getting a new CPU, guess I wont.

  10. Why are we still here 😭, just to suffer.

  11. Mark Brezar says:

    I have a question can i put icore i7 2600 in ddr4?

  12. Glorious 08 says:

    Hahah that intro tho

  13. EX E says:

    Ddr every few years is such wasteful bullshit.

  14. Y C says:

    6 years later I am still using DDR3.

  15. i have 16gb ddr3 and i5 4690 ang gtx 1060, still works really well in modern games

  16. alex beau says:

    And now we have GDDR6 mem lol

  17. lala lala says:

    i will wait ddr30

  18. In today's date in my country DDR4 cost less than DDR3

  19. JAW Media says:

    I just watched this in 2020 haha

  20. jED McC says:

    damn ddr4 was already used 6yrs ago , and me 2020 still using ddr3!! ughhh

  21. Fyaerna_Con says:

    So just stick to ddr3, got it

  22. TheFreshSpam says:

    Bloody hell you advertised those motherboards a load more than the ram.


  24. here to see if it is worth waiting for ddr5 or get zen3.