Facebook Freebooting – Smarter Every Day 128

January 19, 2015 by 45 Comments

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Illustrations for “The Sheep Story” by Emily Weddle Design, LLC

Flula’s “Jennifer is a Party Pooper” video

Brady’s video of Audrey:

Hello internet episode where Freebooting was named:

A huge thank you to CGPGrey for the encouragement and for helping me remove my emotions from the script.

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45 Replies to “Facebook Freebooting – Smarter Every Day 128”

  1. Isn't youtube doing anything to protect there creators

  2. Hugo Santos says:

    Hey Destin, has anything changed to date about this issue?

  3. Kijas says:

    This is why I am against piracy in all account. Downloading a movie or song from torrents from a rich company or artist might not seem bad. BUT it gets us used to stealing from other people. And the people creating content get screwed.

    EDIT: After watching this video I noticed my content has been stolen by a local TV network and there is no easy way to flag facebook about it. Thanks for making videos like this and all your vids.

  4. Qwerk y says:

    do not do the 3 steps if the videos are from troom troom and those stupid lifehacks, let them burn

  5. Steal your own videos and upload them to Facebook

    Modern Problem require Modern Solutions

  6. This is abhorrent Destin. I really hate copyright infringement and this is STILL going on. >_<

  7. Daisy D says:

    Do I understand this right?

    In simply sharing a video from utube ( any video, news, song or other content) on to FB,

    it is view/content stealing? Thats a long time and a lot of content shared. I had no ides.

  8. Jakob says:

    It was commented on Mark Zuckerberg twitter account.. lol this was the reaction he linked to a youtube video of a porcelain tear catcher.. (lol that is cold). he dont care or have to care, he is a billionaire the rulez don't affect him or his interests..

  9. It's ironic that you have stolen the sheep story from the Bible without properly acknowledging it.

  10. Edwin H. says:

    I have recently been a victim of freebooting. I don't think people understand how frustrating it is to be freebooted.

  11. Amy L says:

    If Facebook is obtaining money by running ads on your content, you should be able to collect damages. Pretty sure copyright law would help you, if you pursued it. As far as the actual "stealer" who put the video on FB, it may be worth pursuing or may not, depending on the resources they have and whether they got paid.

  12. Igor V says:

    Can't believe it was almost 5 years ago and it still happening

  13. Pervy Sage says:

    I have a better idea. Don't use Facebook. I stopped using Facebook, years ago, because they are the social equivalent of a gold digger.

  14. Pervy Sage says:

    With how much movie industry whines about pirating you'd think they'd be all over this.

  15. teigrgwyn says:

    so… it's basically piracy?
    if you release something onto the internet, you have to realize you're going to be taking a hit in lost revenue simply due to the act of releasing, since there's always going to be people getting it without paying you

  16. I regret not seeing this video or the one by Kurzgesagt sooner. This problem needs to be addressed. I love both channels and want there hard work to get the full recognition for the great content they give. I do not go on Facebook often but I will do my part and help these hard working people not get there content stolen so easily!

  17. Rupam Bumba says:

    I don't understand why you blaming Facebook .. can you ever download video from Amazon prime or Netflix… They don't allowed you to download video where YouTube don't care about your creation they do not encrypt your video … So you must blame to youtube not Facebook ….is I am sounds wrong 🙄

  18. such injustice happening all the time. I hate it. Ppl trying to be creative, make nice videos and have an impact to the world/ yt community/ whatever, making a little money and multinational corporations just STEEL their stuff, WTF… Nestle, Monsanto, Facebook, and too many more crushing normal ppl and ruin their business… I hope they get what they deserve

  19. 6:58 the fact that ASAPscience is a real YT channel

  20. I commonly try to bombard those kind of FB post with the link to original

  21. It's not offensive, it's creative
    And those are some brave & cool kids you have 👍

    I agree, creators deserve to profit from their creations & at the very least, if a fan copies off a video, he must point out the original video (= give due credit)
    (There are some people who simply seek to spread the message, even on YouTube. They have monetisation disabled)

  22. It will be really funny if facebook steal this video :I

  23. Why not watermark ur videos? 🤔

  24. Olgierd T. says:

    Destin, should be share THIS to FB?

  25. uriel MB says:

    That's a story from the Jewish Bible – shmuel 1 episode 12

  26. I wonder, if the video got as much views in facebook in 4 days, as it did in youtube in 4 years, wouldn't that mean that the freebooter did a good job of promoting the video, thus deserves a share of the profit? I am mentioning this because everyone can make a website like facebook, there used to be websites like myspace and hi5. Yet facebook managed to grow and keep people engaged. Facebook is valued billions the rest are out of the picture. This means that there exists a value other than the intrinsic qualitative value of a product which is added from proper promotion of the product

  27. We need to end thos catastrophe because
    1, the king is getting fat.
    2, there are many families who are sad
    3,(Read with a very very loud voice with a bit of anger) Stealing Is Very Very Wrong!
    Facebook needs to just take down all of the stolen videos and keep only the ones created on Facebook and not YouTube

  28. Alan Meijer says:

    I just saw this video of yours today and 12 hrs later, I'm seeing someone freeboot your footage on TikTok. Video of you in the spinning chair looking at your eyes…

  29. KG7TUO says:

    Happens within YouTube all the time as well. And then there are those bogus copyright infringement claims that you used their music……even when there is no music in a video….. and the scum bag claimant is just hoping that you don't bother to respond or don't respond in time so that YouTube keeps sending them your money.

    I have taken to imbedding a watermark across all videos for the entire duration as well as the written channel name at intro and after the vid.

    And I ALWAYS take thieves to task and inform the original creator.

  30. Masid says:

    It's 2020 and freebooting on Facebook is still a problem.

  31. your daughter voice's like a grown-up, i am a failure, my Voice cant beat a kid

  32. Nilesh Pawar says:

    I want to what has changed please we all want to know

  33. _denzoned_ says:

    Wait, you worked with CGP Grey together on this video?


  35. The worst part of that content theft in my opinion (and that is only an opinion, not facts) is that with just a few more efforts from those thefts it could get from content theft to nearly ethical content sharing/teasing.
    Example of theft : "hey, look at that, a slow mo video of tattoo, amazing isn't it ?"
    Example of NECST : "look at that, a slow mo video of tattoo, amazing isn't it ? Be sure to check the original video from Smarter Every Day (link), he explains a lot of stuff about tattoos, you will probably be surprised !"

    I'm saying nearly ethical because it still is content theft, especially for big companies/channels who could easily have reached out the original creator to ask before sharing, and make money out of it.

  36. I love enders game! 🙂

  37. Earth says:

    The first time I saw so many Youtubers with a checkmark in a single video
    In the comments

  38. Facebook: its OUR video
    ⣿⣿⠟⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠈⠻⣿⡿

  39. A Noob says:

    Ok now I hate facebook

  40. Andrew Perry says:

    Thecyberlord. Com helped me got all my account issues successfully rectified in Minutes
    They are so amazing!

  41. denelson83 says:

    Why do you think I steadfastly refuse to use Facebook?!

    If you are using Facebook, just stop. You are only compounding the problem.

  42. Some Nygaard says:

    2020 and these social media companies are going to be responsible for changing the outcome of an election …. looking forward to the day these companies are held accountable for their actions or destroyed.

  43. Being a small Science YouTuber, I am legit scared.

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