How to FLY A SPACESHIP to the SPACE STATION – Smarter Every Day 131

March 24, 2015 by 46 Comments

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46 Replies to “How to FLY A SPACESHIP to the SPACE STATION – Smarter Every Day 131”

  1. Premkumar A says:

    Thank you for the info..

  2. Spork says:

    It’s a bit different now on how to get there

  3. I cant help wondering why it takes so long to get to the ISS…… why cant the rocket launch straight into the post-Hohmann Transfer orbit ? and couldn't the launch be so timed that the capsule lands in the correct final orbit just in front of ISS ? just find it strange that it takes 10mins to get into space and then 19hours to do the docking.

  4. this is a video to learn how to play ksp XD

  5. who's reading this after demo-2

  6. piss off says:

    Hey its been 50 years, and 890 billion dollars later……

  7. Hi! Got a question here. How can you be slower in the same orbit as the ISS in order for it to catch up. Wouldn’t braking make you go into a different orbit? Thank you!

  8. Can you make a quick update like this for how the Space Shuttle got to the ISS, as well as how Crew Dragon gets there?

  9. the russian rocket looks so dated compared to the space x one from today

  10. Rogther says:

    And all of this while the station is going at 7.6 Km/s, wtf

  11. Robin says:

    Dragon capsule looks light years ahead of the Soyuz capsule

  12. wombat says:

    Great illustration. How to prevent a collision between the shuttle and ISS?

  13. Rakib says:

    Let's use a apple stick that cost you a million dollars

  14. J D K says:

    Yea… like i'm gonna take a rocket and fly into the spacestation..

  15. Atlast.. found what I was waiting for. Thanks buddy!! ❤️❤️

  16. maverick0698 says:

    Who else watched this video now that we don't rely on the Soyuz anymore?

  17. Duh_Bobby11 says:

    I was super excited to see this, because I play a game called space-flight simulator which is in no way the same as this, but it's a 2d space game and this is what I've been having the most trouble doing, docking.

  18. RubenP300 says:

    This made me want to go play KSP or SFS

  19. TheRedUgo says:

    Why am I watching this, I play KSP

  20. Yu-Xiang Tam says:

    Destin: People have no idea what happens in between.
    Me, a KSP player who understands how to rondezvous: are you sure bout that?

  21. TURBO DIESEL says:

    2:59 he really didn’t think about that problem

  22. All i wanna know is how could you measure ansolute speed of rocket where thers no air

  23. This helped me in ksp

  24. Jack Carver says:

    Dam that was bugging me for a while on Kerbal Space Program. Thanks Dustin! Now I can put my kerbals on the space-station. 🙂

  25. Gerard Hill says:

    You should make a part 2!

  26. Yash Yelmame says:

    Aw man I am soooo glad I discovered this channel and now, I am getting smarter everyday Yay!

  27. Kj Cabigting says:

    this is the hardest tutorial i watched

  28. Yea ur a lier . Ur a actor. U never went to space Scott Kelly. We know ur infront of a green screen. How can we be on a spinning water ball with imaginary gravity when water always finds it level? It will never shape to the outside of something. U thi k these dude go 17,500mph to a location where u float? Lol inertia RIP ur guts out. At take off ur heart would be on earth and ur body in a rock. They cant control the gforce lol Space and evolution is a joke. If ur reading this are u a bacteria >fish>idk .. lizard then monkey? What goes up must come down(density and buoyancy) not what goes up will eventually float lmao

  29. Brennen Ray says:

    Absolutely awesome but if there is nothing in space how can you thrust against nothing?

  30. Matt Osborn says:

    “What have I done with my life”

  31. This video has for the first time help me to understand how they travel to the ISS. Have watched several videos but got confused. Thanks for this video. God bless you sir.

  32. thejhp Jun says:



    USA! USA! USA!

  33. Nikki Raye says:


  34. Joe Bann says:

    So if you up in space and you break the law are you really breaking the law or is it no laws apply up in space

  35. Flash Cactus says:

    Great animation made this super clear 👌

  36. Thai Phan says:

    But when you do the last burn, won't it get you to a lower orbit because you actually go slower? Or is it so small it can be ignored?

  37. Mary Lagua says:

    I didn’t know they can stay in space for a year.

  38. Tony Hussey says:

    Awesome video, great explanation and love the enthusiasm from everyone..super cool 👍👍

  39. Rc exp fpv says:

    A year and a half ago I thought that rockets launched straight up and knew absolutely nothing about spaceflight. Videos like this and certain friends sparked my curiosity and I fell eventually into the fascinating rabbit hole of space travel. So much so that I just started my first year of aerospace engineering. Thanks Destin

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