LGR – MSX 2 Computer System Review

March 6, 2015 by 29 Comments

An overview of the history, hardware, and software of the Philips VG-8235 from the perspective of a vintage computer collector. How do the pros and cons stack up, what games can you play on it, and is it worth the cost?

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Music used in order of appearance:
“Lonely Nights” by Silent Partner
“One More” by Silent Partner
“Take You Home” by Silent Partner
“Night Music” by Kevin MacLeod
“Crystals” by Silent Partner


29 Replies to “LGR – MSX 2 Computer System Review”

  1. Those aren't Smarties, they're Rockets.

  2. Mediolanon says:

    Being from the Netherlands … says Made In Japan on the label πŸ’ͺ

  3. Passant says:

    Nice machine, I used to own one back in the eighties, when I was in my teens. You're mistaken about the OS not being build-in, though. The MSX BASIC interpreter was built into ROM and it functions as the OS. It's what you use to start native applications (when they're not on cartridge). MSX-DOS was a CP/M clone and only intended to run legacy 8-bit CP/M business applications to appeal to SOHO users. In practice it offered only limited CP/M compatibility and was rarely used.

  4. So vampire hunter is just Castlevania, right

  5. That tray for the Smarties is tempting, now IF it had a spot for Pez it would be a must buy

  6. needs more metal gear

  7. UncleDeluxe says:

    When I was a kid in the 80s, a friend of mine was lucky that his dad was from Japan and worked at the NEC office in Northern California. They used to go to Japan all the time. Beyond having all the cool Japanese toys, his dad used to have all the cool computers and video games. They had an MSX- I want to say it was before anyone had an NES because I remember it being mind blowing compared to my Atari 2600. They also had a PC Engine LONG before the Turbografix-16 was released here.

  8. Pete Eddy says:

    By 1986 PCs were clearly leading in the US market. Microsoft should have included the x86 instead of Zilog. He standard would have lasted much longer.

  9. Those aren't Smarties.

  10. J Kimmich says:

    I bought a japanese dreamcast and with the power systems being so close you could plug it into the wall the extra 10 volts was apparently within tolerances and probably is with most japanese devices

  11. cucho69 says:

    In Argentina the Daewoo model (Talent brand) was manufactured, but it was not very successful and was due to the games that were much superior in the Commodore 64, the main reasons were: the lack of titles, (in addition most were ports of a lower machine, the Specy), and the movement of objects for nothing fluid

  12. O Indignado says:

    Quem veio do ilha?

  13. Is Vampire Killer the precedessor of Castlevania?

  14. mightwilder says:

    8-bit sound in msx? whatta???

  15. Those are Rockets.

  16. Slim Yelow says:

    This was my 2nd MSX back in the 80s !!!

  17. Great video lgr We in the medal East Egypt We spent a lot of time on these system great Times

  18. I wish car companies today would do what computer companies did way back. Imagine if all car companies shared designs so that parts could interchange? Say your 1.8l honda has a mangled piston. What if all other 1.8l engines had identical pistons so they could be replaced more easily?

  19. The keyboards of that time looked amazing

  20. X86 is still supreme.

  21. If it weren't for Metal Gear, I would've never know MSX was even a thing!

  22. I just imported a Japanese wii u so I can play msx games on vc it's better then importing a actual msx for $400 at the cheapest πŸ˜‚

  23. Tom Jung says:

    why is this the only msx video that shows a game that doesn't have choppy screen scrolling

  24. Samtagri says:

    Also known as the CD-I …. which was a complete failure.

  25. Armand Q. says:

    I had an MSX 2+ in the late 80s , I think it was called F1xDJ or something. It was black and had an amazing sounchip besides the PSG, I it was FM music or something. It was really a great machine, the things you could do with the built in BASIC were miles ahead of any other 8bit computer of the time. I programmed a painting program some database and even some music player myself, and with a powerful japanese sequencer I was able to create some cool techno music. I don't remember why I even sold it at the time.It was a beast πŸ˜‰

  26. ichi _ says:

    those games look amazing

  27. LEGIN says:

    i was ere 7/10/20

  28. SteelRodent says:

    Never heard of these or seen them here in Denmark, but then we have missed out on a lot of technology over the decades because the big corporations either didn't realize Denmark existed or didn't want to take a chance on such a small market.