LGR – IBM PS/2 Computer Motherlode

May 4, 2015 by 46 Comments

A show and tell of sorts, talking about my massive retro IBM computer haul! PS/2 systems, monitors, software, peripherals, documentaion, a mysterious floppy disk, and so much more. This stuff is gonna be a lot of fun to mess with.

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46 Replies to “LGR – IBM PS/2 Computer Motherlode”

  1. I used to see those getting chunked back in 2002 at the goodwill clearance store in Texas.

  2. no activaste el traductor

  3. Do you know where I might be able to find a 'foot' for a Model 9595? I've had one of these machines for years and have never been able to find the foot the case is supposed to sit on.

  4. hey clint! could you make a video reviewing that commodore pet that it appears at 11.47? i think that would be amazing see you showing something like that

  5. tal ion says:

    That one copy of WinZip has kept the company afloat this whole time

  6. DJ legion says:

    Hi Clint, What did you do with all these systems ? any chance of the update blurb video.

  7. monetization says:

    You gonna ps/2 it

  8. Loved jazz jackrabbit bonus music

  9. Oppaiman100 says:

    20:54 – WinZip….You’ve hit the jackpot!

  10. "These IBM displays are nothing special…" Yeah. Sure. Unless you're as old as I am and still remember, how much you had to pay for them back in the days. They were white unicorns based on their price-tag alone…

  11. 9:03, when an old hard drive come's with a fan at the back, you know dats the gud stuff XD.

  12. The IBM PS/2 was a piece of crap. I had a model 25, it burned out about a year and 3 months after I bought it. Piece of junk wasn't cheap either, it cost $1300 back in 1988. Didn't come with hardly anything. The manual was a joke, you had to shell out another $100+ to buy the DOS 4.0 operating system. Expected much more from a company like IBM.

  13. coyotePAC3 says:

    A long time ago, I saw a light for the 5.25 inch drive bays. It was an actual light that fit in the 5.25 inch bays for the full tower PC's. It was shaped just like some of those IBM server disk drives. It had two bulbs and a clunky on/off switch.

  14. fipz AV says:

    Sir, STEP AWAY FROM THE COAXIAL NETWORK – They are known to cause much pain to networking enthusiasts. Love the design of all IBM PS/2 machines of this period. Now I hope you have a copy of OS/2 WARP to install and review!?

  15. Chent Saus says:

    deadmaus just boght winrar!

  16. I'd like to see the video of Clint emptying out the storage room moving everything into a larger room.

  17. Veronique487 says:

    "click things, you'll get there!!" 👍🏼🖲💻

  18. Bill Spooner says:

    For me may be 5 years later but cover all the beasts…. seeing them brort back good momerys for me back in my school days damn I want to get my hands on those machines… Sorry for my spelling it's not my strongest points… love your videos @LGR my fav retro pc YouTube.

  19. Hi do you have any of those left

  20. I'm envious! I would love to get a haul like this.

  21. I've been doing research on ps2 storage and my understanding is that ESDI is cabled like MFM, that particular drive is supposed to connect to a riser that plugs into the MCA bus on the motherboard. IBM treated them like ESDI and made things confusing as hell.

  22. William D says:

    Clint, the NEC Multispin CD 4X is also Macintosh Compatible

  23. Can we see that calculus software? I’m interested to see how easy it is to take notes

  24. You should get some networking cards and stuff and network them together
    Edit: lol he actually got some with the computers!

  25. Ryan Riopel says:

    26:25 PhotoImpression 4!! That was the digital camera way back in the 2000s. Look it up, the interface design is hilarious.

  26. Neptune X12 says:

    What dumbass would spend that kind of money on a computer? ?!! Besides idiots who buy apple products. Even when that thing was new it wasnt worth that much!!! I dont give a shit what you say. 8 grand for a computer. . and that was the cheaper one??!! Lmao ibm even worse than apple. Overprice bullshit. Junk

  27. ichigokarasu says:

    That NEC external CD-ROM looks like some sort of prototype Playstation 1.

  28. ichigokarasu says:

    Ironically, it looks like they typed the invoice for the PC system on a typewriter.

  29. the perfect 7.1 setup is the most rare computer audio i can not find.

  30. Thomas I says:

    All this stuff is stressing me out man

  31. These are interesting. But, i cant imagine wanting to have a bunch of these lying around. having said that, LGR makes great videos.

  32. If you started a law degree in 1987, what computer would you consider the best in terms of word processing (the word processor of choice back then was WordPerfect) and printing (as in support and compatibility with 1987 vintage home printers) for writing up and printing out assignments for your law degree?

  33. Ming Ming says:

    these obsolete computers were really expensive and premium back in their days

  34. personguy13 says:

    What was the song in the background? around 2 minute mark.

  35. Do you still have these?

  36. Dude ibm didn't even make the ps2 sony did 😤

  37. SteelRodent says:

    That external SCSI HDD looks like it was made to match DEC servers

  38. cncsmarty says:

    I want to see win 95 run on it

  39. ingusmant says:


  40. The 9595 is the best PC ever made.

  41. I have a rather large pile of Microchannel 100Mbps (!) networking cards I've been meaning to install in some PS/2s.

  42. Sandi Dudek says:

    I still own a PS2 computer donated to me by a charity organization.

  43. Will you ever review the 486 servers?

  44. could you stop that you are making me motion sick, lol

  45. question 24:21 is this election ?