128GB of DDR4 Memory!!! Does more RAM = better performance?

When Corsair offered to lend us a kit of their 128 GIGABYTE DDR4 memory, it was hard to turn them down… But is 128GB of DDR4 really necessary?

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38 Replies to “128GB of DDR4 Memory!!! Does more RAM = better performance?”

  1. CarthagoMike says:

    I might only have 16 gig's of RAM,
    but at least it runs at 2666 🙂

  2. How about now though? I just bought 128gb ram. It seems to make a difference in some games on YouTube vids.

  3. Just close your Chrome tabs when you're done! It drives me nuts when I see my girlfriend who has 20 Chrome tabs open and she's not using most of them.

  4. it is waste of money in this 2020 to 2030

  5. Stickey says:


    Me watching with 8GB ddr3 Memory 0-0

  6. Tushar Gupta says:

    I came to this video after seeing the specs of "DJ GO HAM GAMING".

  7. Leo nard says:

    i dont need it, so why?

  8. James Orr says:

    Awww, this is cute now, and will only get cuter

  9. epobirs says:

    It's now August, 2020. 32GB kits are becoming the mainstream in terms of what is promoted to PC builders but games are just starting to push past 16GB as the recommendation. OTOH, there's a new generation of consoles that will apply SSDs as secondary RAM in a way that PCs cannot duplicate, mostly due to a lot of legacy issues. PCs can work around this by having multiples of the RAM volume found in the consoles (16GB) to keep the GPU fed as fast as possible in a way that would work on machines you can build today rather than some future spec implementing new I/O standards.

  10. Alex K. says:

    Why are you shouting?

  11. It's very usable for power users in data science. For example many Pandas dataframe operations can be run from memory directly giving a massive speed advantage. I'm still unsure if I need ECC RAM for it.

  12. Aman says:

    Scientist Have Proved That The Human Eye Can Only See 4GB RAM

  13. chander kant says:

    2020 update : 16GB IS NORMAL THESE DAYS

  14. Shen Long says:

    I want 128GB DDR4 on my Machine not for a single PC. But for my "Its the Home-Server but also my personal PC because of the same reason because 6People, 1 PC Things are can work."… You know what i mean?

    YES. It's too much in any case. It's more of a, Hey. you need a testvm with xxGB RAM? no Problemo.

  15. Ulung_RInZ says:

    Watch this on my laptop with 128gb ssd:(

  16. Rayyan says:

    can it open 2 tabs of chrome

  17. CeruleanSky says:

    I'm watching in 2020 with 256GB of RAM.

  18. KutBackKay says:

    yk it’s too much when the ram gotta cooler

  19. My motherboard takes 128gb of ram in 8 channels. I feel obligated to eventually push it to its max. Who buys a Lambo and goes the speed limit?

  20. Too tired says:

    Someone from 2020 here. This is laughable. Considering the new mac pro can be configured with 1.5 TERABYTES OF RAM

  21. To think people were putting 128 GB of ram in their HPZ420's with DDR3 years before this, just shows how ahead of their time HP workstations were.

  22. this guy looks the exact same as he did 5 years ago but now he has a beard

  23. Tvold says:

    In 2020 2400mhz is laughable but I still run 1333

  24. In 2020 the recommended is 16GB!?! this is beyond the ram capacity

  25. PTechz says:

    I really need 128GB Ram
    Because I am a Gamer, Developer, Hacker Only hack Games

    After using these three items more than 90GB Ram usage and I think 128GB Fine for Me!

  26. MrD3v1L says:

    Rgb = more performance

  27. JayzBeerz says:

    32GB is all anyone needs.

  28. Did you create RAM disk with this much of RAM?

  29. ken Tries says:

    Dying for 128gb ram plz

  30. Poomth Ch says:

    Mom please but me 128 gb of ram , i need them for cod warzone

  31. linus what motherboard did you use i need it

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