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46 Replies to “DEVIL FACIAL TUMOR DISEASE – Smarter Every Day 140”

  1. Choco says:

    Scientist: looks at cartoon in disappointment
    Destin: "that's why your research is getting funded"
    Me: "And why I watched this video"

  2. deepseawrath says:

    Totally thought the Tasmanian devil was already extinct.

  3. Andy Baird says:

    Do you know what the stain is that they used to identify cancer within Schwann cells?

  4. ssetzer75 says:

    Could you isolate the problem by catching all of them. Segregate them for a year and while you test for the found markers. After a year you can release the clean ones? Also it would be good to separate a large clean colony for future in case they are all lost on the main island.

  5. So cancer can be transmitted? Are any human cancers transmittable?

  6. nicolas9j says:

    You: you didn t know that
    me : I know that because i am interested in cancers
    it is a cancer from an other male tasmanian tiger and it behaves like a parasite

  7. I swear I really don't want to click this video because of the thumbnail, but it keeps appearing on my recommendations. So I guess I really have to click into this to avoid seeing that picture, because I really like this channel and don't want to click 'not interested'.

  8. You put up a warning for the disturbing images but not the sound of the devil scraping his claws against the wall, that was excruciating.

  9. Arwo says:

    Once you have the devil in the tube…
    Hahahahhaaaaa XD

  10. I hope by now they are treating them with thc and cbd to save this species!

  11. Brock says:


  12. Anirudh says:

    0:09 I knew about that because I did that for my school science report

    not trying to insult in any way 🙂

  13. Masey says:

    Really?? You stuck your camera down into the enclosure? Have some respect for the rules of the park. Just because you’re making a YouTube video doesn’t give you the right to break rules like that which are put in place for good reason. You’re just obnoxious. I’m so glad I turned Adblock on for this video.

  14. does Tasmanian get myxomatosis in the rabbits?? and do the devils eat them??

  15. flyby2474 says:

    I didn't even know the Devil was a real animal. SED!

  16. Losat says:

    2:50 we know it's not transmittable, because we went straight to human trials. XD

  17. Sam Wise says:

    I did a presentation on this in 1st grade and sure it was boring, no one liked it and no one learned anything but I learned a TON!!!

  18. Badger Pa says:

    Hope they find a rich person to provide funding.

  19. Nathand0992 says:

    Cancer is a fungus

  20. Not to be insensitive but this seems like a natural phenomenon and process. Why is it our place to interfere in the natural course of this species life cycle?

  21. Guess the European brought their diseases when they landed. First disease was murdering every man woman and child on that land lot. Complete genocide of the peoples of Tasmania. No wonder Australia is now on fire. God uses the elements to punish the wicked.

  22. that baby devil was the cutest thing ever

  23. i think the dog in my home has this disease.

  24. Yanrhui Lee says:

    let's not hurt them,

    grabs his tail and forces him mouth open

    me: huh WTF

  25. Ron Ronson says:

    Yes, I did know that. Downvote for presumptive smugness.

  26. You're saying a disease that spread really fast, got a lot of killing potential and transmits by their 'hello'? hmmmmm

  27. darlyn jones says:

    Lmao u pissed him off when you put the camera over the fence 😂

  28. Mr Hexxic says:

    Can you make more devil videos? Not about cancer I just wanna see you touch one… They are so cute.

  29. Mr Hexxic says:

    Who else is here in 2020? Be honest.

    Edit: 2020 has sucked….

  30. Jack Lewis says:

    "Tasmanian Devils are my new favorite animal" says my little sister

  31. Maybe they should stop biting each other's faces

  32. Joe Tittiger says:

    I would love to see some plans for that trap. Its is of excellent design and vastly superior to the wire mesh design.

  33. Alex Dill says:

    The long tail macaques in Cambodia are getting a disease like this. The tumors are displacing their teeth, then spreading through over body

  34. They’re like big strong puppies

  35. StxgeFN says:

    who else if from tiktok

  36. Kath Beck says:

    Is there any truth it is a feral dog origin?

  37. Liz Joy says:

    Destin, any new information related to this research? Have they found a treatment yet?

  38. Ngl that thing is kinda cute

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  40. MrD 2001 says:


    Excuse me while I go bleach my eyes.

  41. I'm an australian, I love tassies, most every australian knows about what's happening to tasssies, from what I leaned when I was young, I learned that it was a contagious cancer but I might be totally wrong, I really hope that we can recover these amazing animals, another species that I really want back is the tassie tiger but we can't do anything about that.